Indi-Chini-Thai at Beijing Bites


Indi-Chini-Thai at Beijing Bites

If you are roaming around Velankani Tech park, Electronic City Phase-1, then its very difficult to miss the prominent signboard of Beijing Bites. We also spotted Beijing Bites the same way and thought to try it for lunch. It can be said that this is among very few good Chinese-Thai serving joints in Electronic City. The taste is more of Indianized-Chinese and Indianized-Thai.



This was a roller-coaster. Very welcoming from outside. Then the staircase that lead you to restaurant is shady, untidy and complete mis-fit. Again once you enter the place it becomes good. It was quite full even on a Monday noon — thanks to all the IT companies around. Crowd was mostly the office folks who seemed to have come for team lunch.



Ambiance is pretty good. It has large glass windows on the road facing side and dark walls on the remaining three sides. There are cloth lanterns hanging from the ceiling and bamboo frames to partition various sections. Place was clean and tables were tidy. The only odd thing was loud music with a very odd collection of songs. We would like to listen “Don’t turn off the lights” in a Pub rather than over lunch.


Crispy Peking Chicken


Chicken strips in red sauce. Was served steaming hot. The starting of our lunch was quite good. Chicken stripes were coated with batter and fried. Chicken was very soft and juicy. It was a typical Chinese preparation with prominent garlic and soya taste. A mild sweetness was making it all the more tasty. All the ingredients were well balanced. Finely cut small pieces of chilly were giving a kick once in a while. The only improvement could had been on the quantity of oil. We could spot a good amount of oil at the bottom of the plate. Except that it was a lovely dish to start the meal.

Veg Phad Thai Noodles

Veg Phad Thai Noodles

This was a Thai preparation of soggy flat noodles. It had a lot of ‘healthy’ ingredients like tofu, green yellow and red peppers, sprouted beans, broccoli, carrot, beans, zucchini and tomatoes. Garnished with coriander, garlic and pieces of peanut. It was very mild on spices and that was the best part of it — you can actually taste every ingredient as it was not over-powered by spices. Lemon pieces were put in the plate supposedly indicating that lemon juice was supposed to be added as per choice. We did add it and then the noodles took another good taste. Over-all, another good dish that we had.

Kai Phad Namprik Chicken

Kai Phad Namprik Chicken

This one was very close to Crispy Peking Chicken but it had more prominence of soya sauce. Again chicken strips, coated with batter and fried. It was little spicy and gave a slight sour taste which was giving nice feeling to the taste buds. It was garnished with ginger, fried curry leaves and fried basil. The only improvement was that it was little hard and chewy. Flavors were very strong.

SERVICE : Service was satisfactory. Steward was aware of the taste and ingredients. He was able to help us choose the food items. Water glasses were refilled without prompting them. Tables were very well cleaned up. The only let down was the mistake that the steward did in ordering Kai Phad Namprik ‘Chicken’ instead of ‘Fish’. Though we were OK with this mistake, we feel that it was a serious mistake considering the price of food. We can only imagine how someone with a bad temper would behave at it. So they need to be careful in serving the correct order.

They also had some good desserts which we have kept on hold for our next visit at Beijing Bites. Food for two will cost somewhere between 700-800 rs without beverages and dessert.

THEHEEBEE SCORE CARD (1 = Lowest, 10= Highest) :

Taste and quality :6/10

Ambiance and presentation : 5/10

Service : 5/10

Value For Money/cost : 5/10

Overall : 6/10


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Beijing Bites

Address : Opposite Velankani Tech Park, Velankani Drive, Electronic City Phase­1.

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