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headerMy Cousin’s place is surrounded by many other eateries on the busy Velankani drive in Electroic City Phase-1. But its one of its kind in the neighborhood. We got to know about it from some colleagues and hence planned to visit it for lunch. It serves (Indianized) Italian and Mexican food. An innovative idea is that it has a daily different menu, daily customized by their head chef.



A cool place with rustic decoration around the entrance. Stone seating, wooden fence with creepers, a milestone – all started making us curious from the beginning. Customized menu on a wooden plate with leather cover and all tied with lace added to the initial ‘wow’ factor. Good job to the mangement on that!








A decent contemporary setup definitely gives the different feeling. They have three different kind of seating arrangements — small wooden table and chairs to accommodate 2-3 people, sofa to accommodate a small group of people and a huge community table kind of arrangement to accommodate a bigger group and/or those who would like to have a wider space on table. This was well thought of. Dark walls, hanging lamps and western music creates a nice environment to relax from the chaos outside. Salt pepper container were of human shapes, small plant pots on the table and corked bottles of tomato ketchup was also well thought of. It has a directly accessible kitchen at the far end. Overall, the place was nice and tidy.


Seafood Sizzler

seafood sizzler

We believe in – “Whenever confused, put your bet on the chef” and hence we asked the head chef, Sukesh to suggest their specialty. With all confidence he asked us to try Seafood sizzler. This came out as a real good surprise. Everything was perfect with some innovation tried by chef. Mashed potatoes were nice roasted and spiced. Good helping of assorted vegetables like broccoli, pepper etc. Well cooked boneless pieces of basa fish. Crisp French fries and tender pieces of well cooked prawns. The best thing that we liked was about white sauce which contained a light flavor of orange. This was taking the dish to a complete next level. A pat on back to the chef for this dish.

Chicken Tacos


Our next bet was with Chicken Tacos. Two decent sized soft taco with sour cream. Soft taco shells were freshly cooked there itself. Sour cream was a big surprise. Taste was also balanced. One improvement which we felt was that quantity of kidney beans was over-powering chicken. It was more like eating a veg taco than a chicken taco. We shared it as an improvement area with Sukesh.

Mango Pastry


We planned to close with a specialty dessert. We tried with mango pastry. Again some innovation — topped with cream, cherry, mint leaves and chocolate sticks. Had a good taste and someone with a sweet tooth will love it. One more improvement was with the base which was harder than expected.

SERVICE : Prompt service and helpfulstaff. Head Chef, Sukesh was able to help us with selection and took good care. Tables were getting cleaned promptly and staff also kept a watch on how to make customers more relaxed. Water glassed were getting refilled without prompting. Overall a good job to the folks.

The way management has tried to create a different feeling with ambiance and food, they have also done a good job on selective entertainment within this small place. Books and magazines are placed nicely on a rack, there is a dart game, Rubik’s cubes are available for some fun and also you can play some puzzle games and scrabble.

Our only moment of disappointment was when we ordered Pizza and we were told that it is not available as electricity went off. This could had been handled very smartly by removing it from the menu when you have customized daily menu. Still, a better thing will be to have power backup which almost even small eateries have. Hopefully management will take care of it and some day we may get to try their Pizza.

Prices are slightly on a higher side which keeps this place out of the list for frequent/regular visits. This is a kind of place where you will prefer to visit when you want to relax or eat something different or entertain your friends/foreign customers with non-Indian food. A meal for two will cost between 800-900 Rs but will surely leave its taste and impression.

THEHEEBEE SCORE CARD (1 = Lowest, 10= Highest) :

Taste and quality :7/10

Ambiance and presentation : 8/10

Service : 7/10

Value For Money/cost : 5/10

Overall : 7.5/10

My Cousin's Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Address : 59/2, Opposite BHEL Side Gate, Velankanni Drive, Phase 1, Electronic City, Bangalore 560100
My Cousin's Place Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. “My cousin’s place” The photograph describes that the environment is cool enough to relax. The restaurant ambiance is different when comparing from others. Nice article for introducing the nicest place to visit.

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