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Chicken-Pasta-in-plateLicious is a path breaking concept in the Indian Food industry; aimed at solving the perennially existing problem of finding safe, delectable, trustworthy fresh meat in India.

Licious team ensures that order is high on optimum flavor and freshness, hand-cut by the expert butchers, securely packed, and delivered in 90 minutes—fresh to door. Licious aims at being the first and last resort for all the meat cravings – be it fresh juicy tender chicken, or succulent lamb chops or fresh from the sea, fish.

It was a privilege that we at THEHEEBEE were invited to be part of their Chef’s Table event at Slurp Studio.

The Slurp Studio :

It was a great feeling as soon as we reached The Slurp Studio. It was our first visit to the studio. It is a ‘WOW’ cooking studio. A big rooftop studio with three big cooking stations. The place is like an artist’s studio. It has a lot of haphazard things hung on the wall, put around the tables. And it has all the modern cooking gadgets set very systematically across the cooking stations.





The Event :

Licious Chefs’ table event featured cook off between some of the top food bloggers in Bangalore. The event was to create food for Bento Boxes using delicious Licious marinated meat.

‪Licious founders – Vivek and Abhay took the bloggers through the history of Licious. This was followed by a discussion on their processes which ensures that fresh meat and marinates are delivered to door steps. They took us through all the hard work that goes in ensuring that the customers eat fresh, non-frozen tender meat which is delivered to them.




Chef Joe Manavalan (in center) was our guide through the event. He took initial few hours to teach us to cook delicious dishes out of Licious meat. He is a genius in his field. It was a great feeling to be working with someone who has been teaching Chefs at star rated hotels.

As the event started, all the bloggers grouped up and started making a lot of new dishes to fit the Bento Boxes. Everyone used various different fresh marinates from Licious. It was great to see the foodie minds actually work at cooking. At the end some amazing dishes were made and celebrated.

Below is a glimpse of the fun filled event in pictures.


Meat balls with noodles and salsa sauce.


Crunchy Veg Nuggets.


Spicy Chicken Wings in cooking.

Carribean Jerk Chicken-cooking

Caribbean Jerk Chicken in cooking.


Malai Chicken and Mayo in Masala Bread


The winning dish — Malai Chicken Tikka and Pasta salad.

Below are some of the Bento Boxes that the food bloggers constructed.

Bento-1 Bento-2




Winning team of Bloggers – John John Eapen, Hiral Amodia and Bijan Mishra with Chef. Giving final touch to the dish.


Food Bloggers having some fun time after all the hard work!! 😉 Hiral, Hrish, Naveen, Chaitra, Navneeth, John, Nameesh and Nivedith. Thanks to all the food bloggers and Hari for taking the pics and sharing those!!


It was a very eventful evening. We had a great fun and learnt a lot. Thanks to Licious family and Hrish for making it happen.

We at THEHEEBEE highly recommend that Licious has made it very easy for a common man to ensure that fresh meat is delivered at door steps without any hassles. The marinated meat are definitely to die for. People of any walk of the life will love their offerings.






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