Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani – Traditionally Dindigul

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We visited Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani as part of the invite by Food Blogger’s Association Bangalore (#FBAB). It was a very different experience to taste a completely new cuisine.

This place is famous for a typical cuisine from ‘Dindigul’ located in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They have two outlets in Bangalore. Our meet-up was at the HSR Layout outlet. A very impressive thing was the very simple menu. It had very limited dishes but each one was carefully selected to stick to the theme.

As explained by the management, Chinnaswamy’s family lived in Dindigul in 1920s and migrated to Hosur after independence. Chinnaswamy who was a meat trader used to travel from village to village for trading. During his stays at different villages, he used to learn new unique recipes. Chinnaswamy’s heirs are now recreating these unique recipes in their restaurant.

The outlet brings to life a new dish every single day! One dish every day is totally new from the standard menu offerings. This dish is repeated only after 365 days!

They use as much organically produced products as possible. These are directly procured from farmers giving them a fair price for their produce.


It is very easy to locate in HSR Layout. It is a big ground floor space divided into air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned dining areas. A reception desk is available to welcome the guests and help them with any queries. The setup is not like a fine-dining but it is decent and clean. Best part of the place is the delicious biryani smell from the first step — doesn’t that sounding tempting?

We were greeted by General Manager of the outlet Ln. Lakshmikanth. V. He was a very decent and enthusiastic person who helped us to be very comfortable throughout. Apart from us, he was also paying attention to other guests around. He was helping us with all our queries related to food, ingredients, cuisine specialties etc.  He is for sure an asset for any such setup.


One major input from him was to understand Dindigul cuisine and how it is very different from Chettinadu and Donne/Ambur biryani. We will keep the secrets and will let the people go and explore this cuisine. We would for sure say that it is much mild than Chettinadu cuisine and much rich in flavors than Donne/Ambur style.

Another best part was that food was served on Banana Leaf. They have dedicated one full page in their menu which gives insight into the traditional and health benefits of eating on a Banana Leaf. This was very informative and innovative.



It is divided into two dining area : air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. It is a simple restaurant setup and nothing fancy/jazzy about it. The tables are comfortably set, ensuring enough privacy for the guests. There was ample cooling and ventilation. The place was kept tidy and neat. Cleaning staff was also doing their job promptly.




Chilled butter milk was served in tall glasses. It was the best feeling in the hot Bangalore summer noon. It was spiced with coriander, chilli, cumin and salt – all in a balanced combination. It was very refreshing.

Soup :

Kozi Soup

We had options for Chicken and Mutton soup. Major part of both the soup was same except the difference in meat. It was watery with a lot of flavors in it. It had distinct sour flavor, apart from hot peppery flavor. There was a typical South Indian touch of curry leaves in the flavors. Everyone enjoyed the soup.



Aatu (Mutton) Kari Chukka : Very intense flavors and very soft meat. It was cooked in a no-onion gravy. Garam masala, pepper etc flavors could be felt distinctively in every bite.

Aatu Nenju Fry (Mutton Chops) : Very tender meat and well balanced flavors. Flavors could be felt till the marrow of bone. It is a highly recommended dish.

Aatu Kari Kola (Minced Mutton Balls) : This was the show-stopper dish. It was made out of tender minced meat. Crispy from outside and tender from inside with distinct flavors. This is a #mustHave and #dilMaangeMore dish.

Karandi Omelet : First time in our life we had a spherical shaped omelet. It tastes like a normal egg omelet with salt. It is cooked in spherical (Paddu) utensils which gives a different shape to the normal omelet.

Sora Puttu : It was a dish made out of Shark Meat. It has simple flavors which was not over-powering the flavors of meat.

Main Course :

Chicken Biryani

Biryani : This is a very different kind of biryani. Meat is very tender and simple with very limited flavors. However the rice contains all the flavors. The spices were mild and very different than other forms of Biryani. The recipe is a family secret. They have three offerings – Chicken, Mutton and Nati Kohzi (Country Chicken) Biryani.


Yam Fry : Simple and crisp. Distinct taste from use of curry leaves.

Raw Banana Fry : A very different dish made out of raw banana. Again, simple and crisp. Distinct taste from use of curry leaves.

Desserts :


Panai Paagu Thair : It was a mix of curd and black jaggery. This is surely one of the best desserts we have ate.

Jigarthanda : Very chilled dessert specialty from Dindigul made out of sabja seeds. It was the best way to end lunch on hot Bangalore noon.

SERVICE : Service was very prompt and the manager was very welcoming. All the staff is well trained to take care of the guests. Cleaning staff was also very prompt.

A meal for two will cost 500-600 Rs.


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Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani - Traditionally Dindigul

Chinnaswamy Naidu Biryani - Traditionally Dindigul










          • Appetizer : Chilled butter milk.
          • Soup : Chicken and Mutton soup.
          • Starters : Aatu (Mutton) Kari Chukka, Aatu Nenju Fry (Mutton Chops), Aatu Kari Kola (Minced Mutton Balls), Karandi Omelet, Sora Puttu.
          • Main Course : Chicken, Mutton and Nati Kohzi (Country Chicken) Biryani, Yam Fry, Raw Banana Fry.
          • Desserts : Panai Paagu Thair, Jigarthanda.

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