Aamlicious Mango Festival at Rajdhani



As part of the 2nd- Food Lovers’ meetup organized by the group ‘All About Food – Southern Indian Regions‘, we headed to Rajdhani Thali Restaurant to try their on-going Mango festival (#Aamlicious) on one Sunday at lunch time. This was the second meetup organized by us and we could not resist to grab these seasonal delicacies. We organized the meetup at their Bannerghatta Road outlet.

Rajdhani is known for their grand thali meal which is predominantly influenced by Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. Currently they are projecting a Mango festival and hence many dishes are modified to create a lot of innovation around Mango.


It is located at the food court of Royal Meenakshi Mall, so parking was not a problem. Its a very well designed outlet. It is very spacious and well ventilated. On one side it has a huge glass wall facing the Bannerghatta Main Road. As we reached, we were greeted by courteous staff. At the entrance they have placed a sample of the thali meal and cutouts about the #Aamlicious festival. Overall, the first feeling was very tempting.



All attempts are made to make the ambiance as rustic as possible, still keeping it up-class. Kudos to management for this. Its very well ventilated and spacious. Mostly the interiors are made out of wood. Table and chairs are dark in color and kept very clean. Food is served in metal plates and katoris (small bowls). Serving staff also uses metal utensils for serving the food. Staff members are also dressed in traditional attire. The place is constantly kept clean by the attentive staff.

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Lunch started with two mango based drinks :

Aam Panna : A raw mango based tangy drink. It was very delicious and the tastes – sweet, savor, salt and a particular taste of jeera was very well balanced.

Mango Lassi : Chilled lassi made with Mango pulp and syrup.

These two drinks helped us to set the mood for the mango extravaganza to follow. These were a must needed relief from the summer heat and helped us settle down.

The staff then quickly started filling all the katoris and plates with the main course.

Starters :

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Keri Pudina Dhokla, Vegetable Corn Roll and Ragda Pattice. All there were delicious. Dhokla was the most liked among these three where as the Roll was ok-ish!! These were served with Onion Jeera Salad, Green Chutney and Garlic Chutney. Dal Bati Churma was the speciality of the day.

Next came the main course :

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Five varieties of veg curries – Paneer papad ki sabji, Goonda kairi nu shaak, Aloo mutter rasawala, Masoor masala and Aam ki lougi. Paneer curry was the best among all these. Though the Goonda curry was not able to impress majority of the folks, everyone was stunned to have this delicacy served in the meal.

Four varieties of  Dal/Kadhi : Gujarati khati mithi dal, Panchkuti Dal, Fajeto, Gujarati Kadhi. Among all these, the Gujarati Kadhi turned out to be the favorite among all.


Indian breads : Phulka roti, Puri, Bajri Bhakhri and Khoba Roti. While phulka roti was the hot favorite of all, Khoba roti turned out to be the least favorite.

Rice and Khichdi : Dry fruit ghee rice, Aloo kanda khichdi and Curd rice. Everone had a second helping of Khichdi. Curd rice felt like an odd-man-out in the menu.


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Sweets : Aamras, Moong dal halwa, Gulabi with rabdi, Mango jalebi. Everyone attacked the Aamras and rabdi. Moong dal halwa was a hit among kids, Mango jalebi was quite an innovation.

Lunch for two on a weekend will cost approximately 1200 Rs along with the appetizer drinks which are not complimentary.


Service was very satisfactory. We booked our table on a call. When we reached there, the table was ready for us. The staff was keeping the premises very clean. Some senior staff members were personally taking care of the guests. However the serving staff were struggling to meet the sudden spike in number of guests due to weekend. We feel that the serving staff team can be increased during weekends and during such popular festivals.



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Aamlicious Mango Festival at Rajdhani

Aamlicious Mango Festival at Rajdhani










          • Appetizer : Aam Panna, Mango Lassi
          • Starter : Daal bati churna, Keri pudina dhokla, Veg corn roll, Ragda pattice, Onion jeera salad, Green chutney, Garlic chutney
          • Curries : Paneer papad ki sabji, Goonda kairi nu shaak, Aloo mutter rasawala, Masoor masala, Aam ki lougi
          • Daal and Rice : Gujarati khati mithi daal, Panchkuti daal, Fajeto, Gujarati kadhi, Dry fruit ghee rice, Aloo kanda khichdi, Curd rice
          • Indian Bread : Phulka roti, Puri, Bajra bhakri, Khoba roti
          • Sweets : Aamras, Moong dal halwa, Gulabi with rabdi, Mango jalebi

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