Tata Hexa – ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’ which is power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped




Tata Motors has recently pre-launched its latest high end SUV named “HEXA“. It was an amazing experience to be part of the team of 60 selected bloggers from across India. It was a privilege to be one of the first people in the country to test drive the all new Tata #Hexa. It was a further privilege to meet the team behind the #HexaExperience and to hang out with the coolest bloggers in the country. How could we miss this? It was a two day event organised at Hotel Novotel, Hyderabad Airport. Around 50 selected bloggers were flown from 4 Indian cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai to Hyderabad. Around 8 to 10 bloggers we are selected from Hyderabad.

Event was divided into 2 days.

DAY-1 : #Travel #CoolBloggers #Settledown #MeetNewPeople #SmoothRegistration #FirstGlimpse #LovelyHotel #Networking #TataMotorsExecutives #IndiBlogger

First day was more about reaching the venue, get settled down and be privileged to a) Get the first glimpse of #Hexa even before it reaches the rest of the world; and b) Meet the people who made #Hexa a reality and understand from them how #Hexa was born.

Indiblogger team and the Hotel staff had left no stone un-turned in handling the logistics, registration process and to ensure the best comfort for all the bloggers.

We got the first glimpse of #Hexa which gave us the goosebumps. Everyone spend a lot of fun filled time in taking pictures and videos around #Hexa. In the evening there were few informative sessions by Senior executives from Tata Motors. It was very interesting to know how the present mighty muscular #Hexa came into existence from the very initial pencil sketches drawn around 2 years back. These sessions were very helpful to set the base. It provided the much needed insight into the subject and also created a lot of excitement for the next day. During these sessions the bloggers made a team of 3 each, to drive the #Hexa on the next day. Our team was ‘Team M2‘!!

Later in the evening there was a cocktail party along with entertainments like a
Stand-up Comedy Show, Live Caricature making and some Games. Everyone was enjoying the time and networking with others. This followed buy delicious buffet dinner to end the day.







DAY-2 : #PowerPacked #FeatureLoaded #AdrenalinePumped #HexaTestDrives #OffRoading #FallInLoveWithHexa

2nd day was about the actual Adrenaline Rush. The #Hexa drive was beyond explanation. We got a wake up call at 5 A.M. We got fresh and went down for the early morning breakfast. At 5:30 A.M the sight was unbelievable. There were two rows each of 10 majestic #Hexa, one row of all blue coloured automatic #Hexa and one row of all golden coloured manual #Hexa. It was dark in the early morning, all the #Hexa were lined up with the engines turn on & headlights turned on and the site was seen to be believed.


After finishing the breakfast around 7:30 A.M we got flagged-off to start on our test drives. Drive routes were pre-fitted into the GPS navigation of the car. It was approximately 65 kilometres of one way and we had to reach a turning point which was a small resort.

The route between the starting point and the turning point passed through multiple different terrains. We drove through an Express Highway, passed through small village roads and also drew through rough offroads with lots of pits, mud & slush, stones and water streams. We drove at a peak speed of 160 KM/Hr which was the first time experience for us. On all the three kind of terrains the vehicle was performing fantastic. It was cruising on the express highway, riding very comfortable on the small village roads and was very responsive on the rough terrain.


Once our Test Drive was over, we were ready for the much awaited Off-Road experience of #Hexa. We were seated in #Hexa driven by experienced adventure sport car drivers who took us for one of the most memorable rides of our life. They drove us through a mix of man-made and natural off-roads. We passed through deep mud pits, over ice slabs, rode at almost 45 degrees tilted road, climbed steep slopes, descended steep slopes, passed by rough bushy way and did some speed breaking stunts. We leave you to enjoy the amazing off-roading experience by looking at the below videos :


  • IMPACT DESIGN : #Hexa has the signature Impact Design, with bold and impactful Exteriors and Premium sporty interiors with Superb finishes. Soft touch materials, further accentuates the plush feel of the cabin. At the first sight it creates a very macho impression from the outside. There are significant muscular curves around the body.


  • DYNAMIC PERFORMANCE : Advanced next-gen 2.2L VARICOR 400 Diesel Engine, Super-Drive Modes and  new-gen 6 speed automatic transmission makes it a heaven for the driving enthusiasts. The next-gen 2.2L VARICOR 400 Diesel Engine leads to 400 Nm torque and 156 PS power. Acceleration is instant and we could reach from 0 to 165 Kms/Hr in just few seconds. Manual 6-Speed version’s Super-Drive Modes allowed us to seamlessly switch between the four different driving modes – Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road, providing enhanced ride comfort and stability over different terrains. Automatic 6-Speed version has selectable modes like Sports and Auto-sensing Race Car Performance, with manual shift options. Thus even within the Auto-speed mode we could adjust our drives based on the road conditions.



  • BEST IN-CABIN ENTERTAINMENT : It is equipped with the new-gen CONNECTNEXT infotainment system with 5-inch touch screen designed by Harman. It has voice recognition and smart-phone integration features for the enhanced comforts.  Hexa has 10 JBL branded speaker system. Harman and JBL technologies together provided high fidelity audio reproduction and harmonic richness, for a theatre like experience. Connectnext infotainment system also comes with multiple features like playback via FM/AM, USB, iPod, Aux, Bluetooth telephony & audio streaming, navigation, on-screen SMS display, SMS readout and rear view camera display. The rear door Sunblinds helps to cocoon oneself from the outside bustling traffic and also provides extra protection from the sun’s rays. The Hexa comes with a choice of eight colors for in-cabin ambient mood lighting, with illumination control and customization.
  • COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY SUITE : Hexa comes with a mighty safety suit for the enhanced safety on the roads. 6 Airbags including Front, Side and Curtain Airbags brings in the safety of all the occupants. ESP (Electronic Stability Program) provided the much needed driving stability, during critical manoeuvers and reduced our risk of loosing control on the vehicle. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) along with EBD (Electronic Brake-Force Distribution) optimized our braking distance and provided the much needed safety during emergency braking. HHC (Hill Hold Control) and HDC (Hill Descent Control) provided the much needed safety on the hill drives. HHC gets activated automatically and prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on up-hill drives. While coming down-hill we activated the HDC which controlled the vehicle during the descent without we needing to apply brake/clutch/acceleration.
  • NEXT-GEN TECHNOLOGY : The ConnectNext App suite includes, NAVIMAPS App providing 3D navigation with offline maps through screen monitoring for smart phones, Juke-Car App which utilizes a mobile hotspot, to make a common playlist, Tata Smart Remote App to personalize media, radio and mood lighting settings directly from the smartphone.
  • COMFORT REDEFINED : It has a very silent cabin which was almost sound proof for a peaceful experience to the occupants. 8 way adjustable seat (using horizontal, vertical, angular and lumbar controls) provided a very comfortable driving position. The automatic climate control system with dual HVAC maintains the in-cabin temperature, with personalized air flow and speed control through AC vents in each row, for maximum passenger comfort regardless of the weather outside. One touch Cruise Mode with automatic headlamps which switch on or off automatically on sensing the exterior conditions and intelligent rain sensing wipers with 7 speed modes are some of the very critical features to have for safety and comfort. It has Follow-me-home approach lights which are switched on through the remote key and illuminates the pathway to locate the vehicle in dark. It also has electrically adjustable and fold-able rear view mirrors with demister. Smart USB charging points in the second and third rows, senses plugged in devices for fast charging. Muscular wheel arch cladding nests best-in-class 19-inch diamond cut finish alloy wheels, with low aspect ratio tyres, complementing the Hexa’s premium look and its off-roading capabilities.

Tata #Hexa is truely a ‘Lifestyle Vehicle’ which is power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped.



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