Introducing new Santan Combo Meals in Air Asia flights



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Air Asia launched their latest in-flight food menu conceptualized under the brand name ‘Santan’. With this they replaced their previous brand which was named Air Asia ‘Cafe’. The whole idea is to uplift the guests’ in-flight gourmet experience.

With this change they have come up with a lot of interesting in-flight food combinations. The complete menu has been enhanced from a sandwich-snack to an in-flight high-class food experience.

With an aim to make people know about their latest food offerings, they have launched Food Truck in Bangalore. The Food Truck is stationed at various different locations and they serve the same ‘Santan’ combo which are served in the flights.

We could see that the folks were very energized in helping us with the food. They were very well aware of the food combo, the kind of taste and the accompaniments. They suggested us some really interesting combo when we took their help. They were playing lovely songs by Khaled… wow… nostalgic!!!

Below video will help you with a quick tour of the food truck :


As the below snap shows, the menu is highly upgraded to contain a very good gourmet experience.



Our clear favorites were :

Cheese Omelette with Chicken Tikka : This was a sheer pleasure. The folks suggested us to have this and glad that we followed their suggestion. We #HighlyRecommend that anyone travelling by Air Asia should give it a try. Omelette was very fluffy and cheesy and it was very well balanced by the spicy Chicken Tikka. Getting this kind of Chicken Tikka up in the air is going to be an amazing experience.



Laccha Paratha Combo : Another ‘wow’ thing particularly due to the Laccha Paratha which were very fresh and soft. Accompanying gravy again delicious.



Spinach and Corn Sandwich : An ideal option for anyone who wants to go on something light and healthy.



Raseela Rajma and Jeera Rice : Rajma will take you to nostalgia!! I would plan my travel to have such delicious Rajma in the air. Rice needed some more softness.. but Rajma was very delicious.



South Indian Delight : This dish was the unanimously liked by all.. and it was sheer brilliance!! Perfect Idli-Sambar, a scoop of Khara Bhath (Upama) and a mini masala dosa… A #MustHave for anyone travelling Air Asia!!



Chicken Biryani Combo : Any meat+rice lovers around? Dont miss this one!! Though it was much mildly spiced compared to the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, it was still a very good dish to have up in the air!!



Nizami Chicken Wrap : A perfect option for a meat-lover who wants to go on something light. The filling was very juicy and well spiced. Bread was very soft and well cooked.



Do listen to what Payal has to say to the customers :


Sharmila from Bangalore Food Freaks who arranged this meetup has a message for everyone :















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