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Main Course

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‘Matsuri’ in Japanese means a Festival. We got to know this when we were invited to The Chancery Hotel’s Matsuri restaurant that servers authentic Japanese food. In this lunch we also got to know a lot interesting facts about Japanese Cuisine when Executive Chef Yuki Okano and others – Megumi Nakayama, Ashish Sehgal and Chandrabhan Singh took us through the complete experience. The experience turned out to be a pleasure to know a completely new cuisine.


Location and Ambiance :

Matsuri is a Japanese Cuisine restaurant located at the popular The Chancery Hotel on Lavelle Road. Ample parking is available with Valet Parking facility. Ambiance is perfectly curated to match the cuisine. A lot of Japanese culture artifacts are in display. Distinct Japanese wood work is done inside. Medium lights mix well with the mood and Japanese Music plays at a low volume to further enhance the feeling.

Colors, table-mats, cutlery, upholstery was matching the cuisine. Different shapes and figures were made in Origami art and were placed on the tables. Kids would love it.

They have different kind of seating arrangements. Normal restaurant table seating, a casual community seating and three private enclosed seating arrangements for private groups.

In the below video Mr. Ashish Sehgal, F&B Manager at The Chancery Hotel takes us through the ambiance and facilities.



Executive Chef Yuji Okano had planned a menu for us which was served in authentic Japanese way. During our lunch, the executives from Toyota Enterprises India Pvt. Ltd and from The Chancery Hotel were helping us to understand the Japanese food and eating customs.

In the beginning we were served a very refreshing mocktail.


Meal started with Shokado Gozen and Soup served together. We were told that in Japanese cuisine soup is served along with the main course. Main course contains of around 3 to 4 food dishes served with their respective dipping sauces.

Shokado Gozen  consisted of a wooden box with four food items served in their respective bowls and soup served in a wooden bowl.

Shokado Gozen consisted of :

Chicken Tempura : Butter fried chicken served with white radish and tempura sauce. This was a clear favorite. Very well fried chicken fillets that tasted brilliant with Tempura sauce.

Sunomono and Mizore-su : Japanese style of pickles and gravy of Mizure sauce. This was a very tangy dish and we liked it.

Sashimi : Assorted fresh low fish with drip soy sauce. A dish that contained pieces of assorted fish – Salmon, Squid and Tuna. It came with a small helping of Wasabi. The chef educated us how to eat it. Very little Wasabi is to be mixed with Soya Sauce. Then dip the fish piece in this soya sauce and eat it. All the fish were without flavors. But dipping it in soya sauce with Wasabi gave unprecedented flavors.

Ebi Shinjo, Yasaki takiawase : Shrimp dumpling with vegetables. Nice soft shrimp dumplings in a mild yet delicious soup. Each bowl has a very delicious mushroom with it.

Soup was a very mildly spiced delicious Red Snapper fish soup. Soup was definitely a #MustHave here.

Main Course

Our next course was Matsuri-Sushi Moriawase which was an assorted Sushi plate. Again a brilliant dish which tasted amazing with Wasabi and pickled Ginger.


Our next dish was Odawara-musho. Which was Egg cusard with udon noodles. First time we had an egg custard that was not sweet. It was a tick custard with mild flavored sauce. It was very delicious.

Egg custard

Finally we got our dessert Fruit Creme Mitsumame. A brilliant dessert made of fresh fruits, beans, cherry, ice-cream and sea vegetables. The dessert was the best part of this meal. It had so many flavors and the sea vegetable crystals were an experience that will be memorable to us forever.


Service is NA as we were invited for on the lunch. The staff was very well informed. They have special electric alarms to call the staff from the personal dining room so that no one is disturbed and the group can have a peaceful dining experience.



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