A memorable visit to Charminar


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Our visit to Charminar was on the top of “Must See” places during our recent visit to Hyderabad. The major driving forces for us to have it on top of our list were – The Historical significance, many bloggers suggested that there is a wonderful view of the narrow adjacent streets and market from the first story of Charminar, shopping in the adjacent markets and the delicious Hyderabadi food available in the locality.

The Historical Significance:

It is a great feeling to know that you are visiting a structure that was built 400 years ago. This feeling itself fills the air with a different feeling and enthusiasm. Charminar was built in 1591 by The fifth ruler of the Qutb Shahi dynasty Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.

Charminar was constructed at the intersection of the historical trade route that connects the markets of Golkonda with the port city of Machilipatnam when the ruler shifted his capital from Golkonda to Hyderabad.

The Historical significance of Charminar is very vast and I suggest the readers please access Charminar Wiki Link to get accustomed to its history before visiting.


The Architecture:

Charminar boasts of the rich heritage of Indo-Islamic architecture. While it is a huge premise, it also is a repository of the delicate and granular construction brilliance. When you view it while standing at its feet, you can see the greatness of the structure. When you see the delicate design and patterns from inside, you can see the sheer expertise of the artisans of that era.

The greatness and charm of Charminar are to be experienced by visiting it. However, there is enough information available at Charminar Wiki Link where one can educate himself.

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We visited Charminar by our car. However, when I inquired the locals they informed me that it is easily accessible by public modes of transport like bus, cabs, and autos. I found the people at Hyderabad very helpful in terms of guiding the right way, so reaching here should not be a challenge for anyone.

This is a very happening area that is thronged with people throughout the day. Also, it is a prominent place for shopping enthusiasts and for prayers. Parking is a challenge when you travel by your own vehicle. You need to park it at a convenient location away from Charminar and then either walk or take an auto to reach here.


Inside The Charminar:

A visit inside Charminar can be done at a cost of Rs 5 for Indians and Rs 100 for foreign nationals. Please note that no bags/luggage is allowed inside the monument and this is followed strictly. Once you buy the ticket, you are allowed to access the ground floor of the monument and climb up to the 1st floor through one of the minarets. Downstairs is through another minaret. Up and Down is through very narrow, uncomfortable spiral staircases. Anyone holding kids needs to be very careful about this.

On the first floor (which is the only floor accessible to general public) there are 45 prayer blocks. We got to know that people still come here to pray, particularly on the Fridays. There is an amazing view, internal as well as external from the first floor.

Delicate and precise designs and carvings will make one appreciate the magic that the artisans of that age could do without access to modern technologies. You will feel a serene peace when you watch it from inside. When you look at outside, you will appreciate the vision around constructing it.

Markets in all direction boast of the rich art heritage of that period. Also, you can see other ancient structures like the Unani Hospital and Mecca Masjid which are other magnificent historical structures. Spending few mins here will help you draw a picture of how beautiful the whole surrounding would be in those days and how Charminar was the focal point of all that.

Dome - inside




Walls - outside


Walls - inside


Inside - well


Chambers - inside


Unani Hospital


Mecca Masjid


Charminar - color


Charminar is surrounded by markets in all the four directions and it is a paradise for those who love shopping. Everything is of very nominal cost but one should definitely know the art of bargaining. This area is very popular to buy Perfumes(Itra), Jewellery, Bangles, Beautiful and colorful ladies Sandals, Pearl and Beads, colorful ladies Dresses and colorful Kids Wear. One must have very good knowledge about the quality and genuineness of these articles.


Food around The Charminar:

The way in which this area is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts, it is also a paradise for food lovers. There are some very popular old food joints like Shah Ghouse in the vicinity of Charminar which are popular for the Hyderabadi Biryani and other dishes from the Hyderabadi Cuisine. Tasting Hyderabadi Cuisine at one of the popular joints is a must thing to do when at you are visiting this place.

You cannot miss the Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits at Nimrah Cafe and Bakery adjacent to Mecca Masjid. Even in the scorching heat, it will make one feel refreshed. You will also find few people selling freshly fried Mini Samosa here. You can give it a try if you are not oil cautious.

Rose Falooda is another must try when at here. There are many small falooda and juice shops opposite to Mecca Masjid. Finally, for those who would like a refreshing lime soda, there are many hawkers moving around with an instant soda machine who will make fresh chilled Lime Soda for you.







Lime Soda





12 thoughts on “A memorable visit to Charminar

  1. Wow! the views from the inside.
    My visits to Hyderabad and that area were when that part of Char minar was not accessible to the public. 🙁
    I hope there’ll be a next time. I would love to be up there.

  2. Hello theheebees, hope u enjoyed in Hyderabad! Charminar is beautiful and the must do things around is even great! I hope u had a belly full of hyderabadi biryani.. lookout for the reviews on restaurant search apps before tasting anything coz the tastes matters! If ur stipp in Hyderabad, eat bawarchi biryani (rtc x roads) and eat dosa at ram ki bandi (3-5am) and explore city at night and also visit some temples and get spiritual 🙂

    1. Hyderabad was so fantastic and kind. Though I enjoyed fully I feel like I missed a lot. Need to plan another visit again soon.

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