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Place Of Origin

India has rich diversity in terms of the local specialty food. From region to region and state to state; and at times from a city to city, there are different varieties of popular staple local food. Every place boasts about its culinary heritage and these local foods are presented on various different media like popular TV shows, social media platforms, blogs and much more.

Place Of Origin” from Craftsvilla is the one stop solution where one can find all the popular local foods from across India. It is India’s first platform which has aggregated popular local food and the manufacturers to make one big online shopping destination for all the delicacies.

The finest sweets, snacks, dry fruits, savories, pickle, jams, tea, coffee and staples from all over India are delivered directly from origin to buyer. It houses 4000+ specialties from 375+ popular brands.

From Gujarat snacks to Darjeeling`s Green tea, Coorg coffee to Pachranga pickles, Mumbai Dry Fruits to Ooty chocolate, Kashmiri Saffron to Ratnagiri mango, Place Of Origin delivers India’s favorite foods direct from the original producer to your doorstep.

Place Of Origin also has a wide range of healthy snacks like roasted savories, millet snacks, dried fruit and lots more!

Place Of Origin has truly united Indian cultures through these local foods. Before this, one would have never thought of getting a chance to eat a Kashimiri local delicacy while staying way down South at Bengaluru. One could indulge in the royal delicacies from Rajasthan and Mysore without actually a need to travel to these places; and what more is that all these come from authentic suppliers.

Place Of Origin is a big support system during festivals. Someone at Mumbai can order popular Andhra food during festivals and throw a traditional feast to the friends and relatives.

Below images will take you through a delicious ride through the offerings by The Place Of Origin. We encourage you to explore their website and order your favorite food as well as some delicacies of different regions of India.


Place Of Origin
Kachori from Gujarat


Place Of Origin
Kathi Goja from West Bengal


Place Of Origin
Okra Muesli


Place Of Origin
Flax Seed And Puff Mix


Place Of Origin
Protein Bar With Cocoa


Place Of Origin
Steel Cut Oats

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  1. Enjoyed reading about Place of origin foods .It’s definitely great that we can stay at home and .order from all over India.

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