Hyderabad to Bengalury by Air India Flight No – A 319


Air India

On 16-April-2017 we got to travel for the first time by Air India. We were traveling by Flight No AI 515 which was scheduled to depart from Hyderabad at 06:30 AM and scheduled to arrive at Bengaluru at 07:35 AM.

We pre-blocked our seats from Air India website and selected three seats in the third row.

On reaching the Airport, we could easily reach Air India desk where getting boarding passes and check-in of luggage was hassles free. Air India staff is around for any needed help. We completed all the checks and formalities and reached the aircraft.

The same day was a high-alert of the sort at Hyderabad Airport hence all the security checks were very rigorous. All the flights were delayed for security reasons. We entered the aircraft on time and then there was a long wait for all the other passengers to clear their security checks and for the aircraft to get approval for takeoff. All these times the cabin crew was very caring. They passed by and checked for our comfort and provide us with water. One fellow passenger requested for a blanket, which was provided to him promptly.

Aircraft: As per our knowledge the aircraft was Airbus A319(twin-jet). Aircraft was clean and well arranged. Need to say that we felt the seats were slightly big and more comfortable than some other aircraft. It definitely had better leg space and seating comfort. Seats were colorful in alternate Orange and Red colors with the signature “MAHARAJA” welcoming everyone. This was really a WOW!! effect. There was apt lighting and cooling in the aircraft. All the passengers were given some options of news papers and magazines as entertainment. All the seats had the controls for audio and video settings, however, it was nonfunctional.

The aircraft had 8 first class seats that were separated from the economy section by a curtain. First class seats had even better seating comfort and leg space.


The flight: As soon as the aircraft got clearance to take-off, the pilots and the cabin crew flung into action and in no time we were air bound. Takeoff was a smooth experience.

Once air-bound, the cabin crew started their in-flight service. One portion of food was included in the fare. We were served one portion of marble bread sandwich and juice. This was sufficient for our short duration flight.

The flight was comfortable with almost no turbulence felt. The majority of the passengers had a very good sleep until the pilot announced that we were nearing Bengaluru and hence they have started the descend. In next few minutes, they announced everyone to be seated with fastened seat belts for landing. The landing was again smooth and we reached Bengaluru within the stipulated air travel time.


Air India


Air India
Glimpse of First Class


Air India
Maharaja Seats


Air India
Maharaja Seats


Air India
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    1. Dear Jyotirmoy. The experience was truly delightful. Thanks for taking out time and reading the post and for the kind comments.

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