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IndiBlogger meets are always exciting and full of new learnings. The bloggers get to meet many other talented and highly inspiring bloggers. These meets also help the bloggers to expand their circle and also know the different skills of people around. This was our third IndiBlogger meet and the list is as follows:

1). Tata Hexa (Hyderabad, 2016).

2). Berger Paints (Bengaluru, 2016).

3). Valley Of Words (Bengaluru, 2017).


This IndiBlogger meet was organized on 20-August at Hotel Hilton, Embassy Golflinks, Bengaluru. It was organized in collaboration with StoryMirror and Valley Of Words. The theme of this meet was about books, authors, and some important curtain-raising/launch ceremonies.

The first ceremonial activity in IndiBlogger meet is a stress-busting session by AnoopZombie… This time he actually invented a new game “Musical Squares“. It was really a great fun and a 10/10 goes to Anoop for it. Two participants managed to win the game by sitting on the chair at the same time… 🙂 A cool new IndiBlogger coffee mug was presented to them for the win!!

Musical Squares


This was followed by one of the most interesting parts of the meet – an introduction by all the IndiBloggers who have got their books published. This was highly inspiring for all of us. We could know about so many success stories that have been created by the bloggers! All the authors introduced themselves and provided information about their books and their journey. It was a proud moment to see all of them getting invited on the stage followed by applause for their achievement.



This followed by an interesting session by Mr Bibhu who is an accomplished author and also a promoter of StoryMirror. Mr Bibhu’s latest book – “Wheels Of Wish” was also launched on during the meet.

Mr Bibhu


Launch Of Wheels Of Wish


This followed by another proud moment when three young authors described their journey from being bloggers to authors and the platform that IndiBlogger and StoryMirror provided to their progress. It was very inspiring to listen to Ms. Ganga, Ms. Kavipriya and Mr. Sualiman about their journey.


One of our best moment was to listen and meet in person to Mr. Mrityunjoy Kumar Jha – a senior journalist who has covered many important news and events; right from the ground zero. We had watched him so many times on television; meeting and talking to him was like a dream come true. He was one of the chief guests at the meet.

Mr. Mrityunjoy Kumar Jha


This followed by the launch of the book authored by Mr. Shashi. He gave a very informative session on his journey and about the book.


The final session was by Mr. Sanjeev Chopra (IAS). He did the curtain raiser and launch of “Valley Of Words” (VoW) Literature Festival and IndiBlogger event BNLF to be held from November 17th to 19th in Dehradun. He presented a very detalied session on the VoW, its concept and the schedule.

Mr. Sanjeev Chopra


One of the most delghtful part of the meet was to network with some of the highly experienced bloggers whom otherwise we only converse through their posts. We did good discussions over high-tea and took many selfies for future memories.





With Mr Jha


This meet had one of the best endings than any of the previos ones. A lovely song by Nihaal will always hum in the memories.



The session ended with a goodie bag containing the books by Mr. Bibhu, Ms. Kavipriya and Mr. Suleiman. We got these books autographed by the authors.


Signing Off

Hiral Amodia


12 thoughts on “Attending our third IndiBlogger Meet

  1. It must be a great meet to network with other bloggers and like-minded folks. The books look very exciting. Planning to read them as well.

  2. Collaboration, learning, excitement, fun and delicious food!! The meetup looks really exciting and full of learning. It is very important to attend these meetings and learn about what things others are doing. A great source of learning.

  3. Very informative post. I have never attended any bloggers meet before. Heard about the one in Dehradun. Is everybody who registers is welcome their or is there any criteria? Would love to know. Thanks.

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