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Ganesh Darshan

Ganesh Darshan is a prominent eatery (Darshini) located at the popular Jayanagar 4th Block, Bengaluru. It’s fame stands tall with the likes of Vidyarthi Bhavan, Adigas etc. It is quite popular among the Bengalurians and for many people its customary to visit Ganesh Darshan during every visit to Jayanagar 4th Block.

We visited Ganesh Darshan recently during our visit to Jayanagar 4th block. We reached around noon, so this experience is about lunch.

It is very easy to reach the place. Google shows the proper way. Also, for popular eateries like this, everyone in that area will be able to help guide the way. There is no car parking available outside the eatery. However limited two-wheeler parking is available. But parking is never a problem at Jayanagar. There is ample parking in the whole area including one on the top floor of the bus-stop. The best way to visit Ganesh Darshan is to park the vehicle in a nearby parking spot and then walk to it. It is always a pleasure to walk across Jayanagar.

The eatery is a proper ‘Darshini’ setup. It serves limited menu and guests have to eat while standing. There is no seating area. But people do sit around the adjacent shops and enjoy the food along with the shade and hustle-bustle of Jayanagar shoppers.

Ganesh Darshan has a limited menu but it promises to serve one of the best South Indian (particularly Karnataka) cuisine like – Dosa, Idli, Vada, Akki Roti etc. Filter Coffee is a must have at Ganesh Darshan.


Masala Dosa: Crisp and buttery with the perfect golden brown crust. A dollop of delicious potato saagu inside. I feel that this delicious Masala Dosa can be compared to any other popular Dosa joint at Bengaluru and is better than the majority of the darshinis across Bengaluru.

Ganesh Darshan
Masala Dosa


Idli-Vada Sambar (Dip): Soft and fluffy Idli with perfect deep fried Medu Vada dipped in delicious Udupi Sambar. Definitely a delight on the taste buds.

Ganesh Darshan
Idli Vada Sambar (Dip)


Akki Roti: Good Akki Roti can usually be had at homes of Kannadigas. Ganesh Darshan surprised me with one of the very delicious Akki Roits that I could mention about. It was apt crisp and served with tangy tomato chutney.

Ganesh Darshan
Akki Roti


Curd Vada: It was again a delicious crisp Medu Vada soakd in curd of perfect density. The curd was sweet and salty in taste. It was served with crispy boondi.

Ganesh Darshan
Curd Vada


Benaras Dosa: This was something which we had for the very first time in our life. It is a speciality of Ganesh Darshan and quite an innovation. It is an Uttapa kind of dosa with fried bread crumbs. The bread crumbs are deep fried and spiced.

Ganesh Darshan
Benaras Dosa


Filter Coffee (Kaapi): At the end, we packed up with a shot of strong, sweet and hot Filter Coffee. It is highly recommended not to miss Coffee at Ganesh Darshan.


Signing Off

Hiral Amodia


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18 thoughts on “Delicious food at Ganesh Darshan

  1. Wow… I never knew about this! Will definitely try Benaras Dosa. It sounds completely a new concept. I am sure it will help me with the lovely flavors of a Darshini.

  2. Bangalore Darshini serves really delicious food. When the darshini is one of the old and popular ones then the food is ever more important. I am definitely going to visit this and try out their offerings.

  3. This is really very informative post. I was not aware of this place and the food it serves. Benaras Dosa seems to be a completely new concept to try out. I am a big fan of Filter Coffee, so that will also be on my list.

  4. Being a Bengalurian I can say that Darshini serves some of the best food here. Ganesh Darshan is definitely a very popular darshini in Jayanagar and very popular for its food among the Bengalurians. A lovely post.

  5. Benaras Dosa looks delicious! I will add in my next week break fast.
    Nice Blog !! Thanx for sharing such useful post keep it up

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