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Hydrolyzed Protein

Protein and its importance

Protein is one of the important nutrients that the body needs. Proteins perform certain critical functions within the body like expedite the metabolic reactions, DNA replication, responses to stimulus, transporting molecules from one location to the other, to name a few. Proteins consist of one or more long chains of amino acids. (Source: Wiki)

Hydrolyzed Protein

When we consume protein, it is digested in the body and then absorbed, the amino acids are then delivered to the muscles via bloodstreams. This process takes its own time depending on the type of protein consumed.

There is various ongoing research on the Protein, its benefits and most importantly the research around how to make proteins get digested faster and thus make the amino acids reach the muscles faster than usual.  A breakthrough from these researches is the invention of Hydrolysed Proteins.

So what is this breakthrough of science that makes the benefits of proteins reach faster to the muscles? The answer is to consume partially digested proteins. And that is exactly what Hydrolysed proteins are. These are the protein molecules that are already partially digested by adding proteolytic enzymes, which break down protein or heating a protein with acid.

Hydrolysed (partially digested) protein potentially expedites and enhances the delivery of amino acids to the muscles. This also means less work for the liver to extract the amino acids and hence more quantity of amino acids delivered to the muscles.

Overall it has been found to have multifold benefits and is considered the best companion for the people who are building muscles and also for those who are doing dieting.



Protinex is a market leader and trusted the brand with a history of more than 60 years.  It is one of India’s most prescribed nutritional supplements that is scientifically formulated with the power of hydrolysed proteins that caters to the nutritional needs of adults and children. It comes in different flavors like elaichi, tasty chocolate, vanilla and original. There is a special variant for Diabetics and one for pregnant women by the name Mama Protinex.


The launch of Protein Calculator by Protinex

On 27 February 2018, Protinex launched “Protein Calculator” at Lucknow. The launch of Protein Calculator is based on their mission “to educate Indians about the relevance of protein daily”. The Protein Calculator is an easy to use tool to calculate one’s daily protein intake and improve one’s diet to fulfill the protein need. It is an easy to use wizard in which a user just needs to select a different kind of meal and their quantities consumed across the day. All the meal items are pre-populated. I used it and was surprised with the ease of use and the informative results.

The Protein Calculator was launched by Mrs. Kavita Devgan, noted nutritionist, weight management consultant and health writer.

The event was also graced by the presence of Mr. Himanshu Bakshi, Director – Marketing, Danone India and Dr. Nandan Joshi, Head – Nutrition science and Medical affairs, Danone India.

As part of the event, Mrs. Kavita Devgan educated the audience on the importance of right protein intake in one’s daily diet.


Closing my post with some important notes from the esteemed guests at the event:

Mrs. Kavida Devgan said, “Protein is a highly misunderstood nutrient and consumers are unaware that pulses, fish or chicken alone do not meet the daily protein requirement. A healthy adult requires about 1 g of protein per Kg body weight. Sometimes it is difficult to meet this requirement through our daily diet unless we are conscious of the food that we consume or support it with protein supplements.”,

Mr. Himanshu Bakshi said, “93% of Indians are unaware of their ideal protein requirement and believe that they are getting enough protein in their diet. Hence, we developed a simple Protein Calculator to help Indians assess their protein intake. This tool allows the consumer to calculate their protein intake and take remedial actions in their diet or through protein supplements that offer the right quality and quantity of protein in a convenient format”.

Mr. Nandan Joshi said, “In India, people have a lot of myths regarding protein in their diet. The IMRB survey report revealed that 73% of Indians believe that green leafy vegetables are a good source of protein, 29% people think that their regular daily diet is enough for their daily protein needs, and 30% believe that 1 egg a day provides enough protein, which is not true. It is important for us to consume the right quantity and quality of protein every day at frequent intervals such as hydrolyzed or pre-digested protein for faster protein delivery. The protein requirement differs based on age, gender, weight and physical activity.”














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