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Butterly is a bakery plus cafe located on Noble Residency Road, (Offside Bannerghatta Road) Bengaluru.

It is not a traditional Iyengar bakery which we can locate on almost every corner of Bengaluru, but it is a new-age modern bakery with much better and cleaner premises and trendy interiors.

It doubles up as a cafe on the first floor and few road-facing seating arrangements on the ground floor.

We got to visit Butterly 3 times in a span of one month. This review is a compilation of all our visits.

Location, Ambiance, and the Setup:

Butterly is located at the start of Noble Residency Road which is a little offside Bannerghatta Road. It is located on the way that connects Bannerghatta Road to Begur main road and hence one of the busy stretches. It is very easy to spot Butterly as it is located exactly on the critical junction and you won’t miss to notice it due to the nice outside seating and the look of delicious food through its glass walls.

On the ground floor, there is a bakery counter where they sell freshly made cakes, pastries, and baked food. It is also a good place to buy freshly baked bread, pizza base, plum cakes and similar stuff. Everything is well arranged and kept clean.

On the first floor, there is a cafe setup. The whole ambiance is like a garage cafe with wooden furniture, ropes, wallpapers and simple wooden table, chairs, and stools. One side is huge glass wall facing the road which gives a grand look and natural light.

Ambiance of cafe


Ambiance of cafe


Ambiance of cafe

They don’t have a private parking space. But you can easily find parking in the adjacent lanes. But please be careful not to block someone else’s gate while parking.



The menu comprises of a good spread of western fast food, juice, milkshakes and some traditional Indian food like biryani, dosa, idli, appam etc. Albeit, dosa, idli, appam etc is available only during breakfast times and currently, it has been started on a trial basis (Dosa was very delicious, but sambar needs improvement). Biryani is available during lunch hours.

Masala Dosa


  • French Fries: I loved the size and texture of french fries at Butterly more than that of MacD or similar joint. Here the fries were slightly thicker and crispier. They serve it with a combination of mayonnaise and chili sauce which makes a very refreshing dip with the fries. We have ordered this on our every visit.
French Fries


  • Bruschetta: A very well toasted bread with a tango of salsa and perfectly laid grated cheese. Though a relatively smaller in quantity, this will tickle all the taste buds in every bite.


  • Pizza: This was mind-blowing as it was very similar to home cooked pizza. They make pizza on their own pizza base which softer and thinner. I loved the pizza as it reminded me of home cooked pizza and also of the pizza that I used to eat during my teenage at small eateries at my native. I suggest this as a #MustHave at Butterly.


  • Burger: Just like Pizza, you will also love the burger as it is more like a home cooked burger rather than a commercial version that you get at Burger King of MacD. Patty is well cooked and the bun is nicely grilled. it is served with few french fries.


  • Chicken Biryani: I took this as a takeaway for lunch. It was nicely packed in a hygienic container and a small portion of mix-veg raita was the accompaniment. Biryani was a mix of Hyderabadi and Malabar cuisine. The rice was nice and big like Hyderabadi biryani, but the flavors were closer to Malabar biryani. I would love to have it more often.
  • Samosa: Get 4 delicious onion and vegetable samosa for 70 Rs. This is a steal deal with the kind of flavors that the samosa had. It is closer to the Hyderabadi samosa which contains onions and has thinner covering than the north Indian potato samosa.
  • Sizzling brownie: Loved the sizzling brownie in terms of taste and consistency but the brownie was little harder.
Sizzling Brownie


  • Ice-cream with fruits: This was a complimentary dessert that the staff offered to the kids. Kids loved it.
Ice-cream with fruits


  • Cold coffee: Almond Cold Coffee is a #MustHave at Butterly. If you pass by the place on some late evening, then don’t miss it. This will be the perfect glass of cold coffee to impress your date.
Cold Coffee


Staff is very courteous and serves you with a smiling face. They are attentive to your requests and keeps the place clean. I feel that the way in which they are gaining popularity, they need more staff members to cope up with the rush. During rush hours there is a considerable delay in getting the food from the time it is ordered. I feel that this is an area of improvement which the management should look at.



This is truly a value for money place and I hope that the prices remain moderate even when they become popular and bigger. They also have many good combo offers.


Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



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  1. That Pizza does look like the ones we make. At home. The fries look. So. Plump too. Butterly does sound like a cool place especially for young students to hang out

  2. The place in Bannergatta Road sure does quite good from your pics. With such nicely written review from you on the same, I will definitely plan a visit šŸ™‚

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