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Hi dear friends, How are you all doing? I hope, you are keeping it stylish this Summer season, like always. Fashion trends come and go each season and it is good to be updated with the latest in terms of clothing trends, accessorizing etc. Though one should not blindly follow, the so-called “in styles” but drawing some inspiration to infuse a welcome change to your routine way of dressing up is a good idea.

If just like me, you too are searching for fashion and styling inspo . on TV, movies, music videos etc then I am going to introduce you to a website which shall be thoroughly useful to you. The website I am talking about is It is based on a very interesting format and acts as a pinboard for all your favorite fashion, styling, beauty, makeup and hairstyle inspirations. You can save whatever attracts or charms you while watching videos, advertisements, online series or movies. These pin-ups or charms can then be used by you to create your everyday looks, travel looks, workwear combinations and party looks, as well.

The other day, I was surfing through and happened to come across charmboards that were inspired by Bollywood celebrities. Both men and women may refer to these charmboards for looking their stylish best on an everyday basis.The video section on the site lets you browse through latest movie trailers and trending videos and save your favorite charms which act as a visual bookmark of whatever you happen to love in a video.For more details about how this website works, you can refer to their home page and know about various sections.

I would really like to share with you about the Two charmboards I personally found very appealing. Those are the charmboards inspired by two of my favorite, young Bollywood actors,  Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff.

Disha’s Charmboard is great to refer to as you can get ideas to wear the simplest Summer outfits in a fashionable manner as well as some nice traditional wear inspiration from her recent movie Baaghi 2. Some charms feature her flaunting off-shoulder dresses and sleeveless tops which are great to create your day to day looks. Disha’s Charmboard must surely be checked out by girls in the college-going age group as I am sure they would love it.



For the guys, Tiger Shroff’s charmboard is good to check out for some nice, summer-wear tee shirts, hoodies, vests and casual shirts in unconventional colours like Light Pink, Soft Blue etc. There are various charms that can be referred to as picking up ethnic wear and creating looks for the upcoming Indian shadi season!


So, beautiful people, delay no further and start saving your favorite charms on your own boards at are sure, you would get addicted to it with so many style inspiration to draw and finally, one place to organize everything that appeals to you in terms of fashion.

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