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It is a great testimony for a school when its students make it great in life. It is even greater testimony when its students make it to World Renowned Universities after completing their schooling. Stonehill International School is one such school that is writing success stories year after year.

Stonehill International School Saw an important occasion in the calendar in the month of May 2018- the graduation ceremony of their Grade 12 students.

The ceremony was a beautiful and poignant, with encouraging speeches from Head of School, Dr. Beverly Sortland; Secondary Principal, Mr. Narendra Mehrotra; DP Coordinator, Ms. Manpreet Kaur; and Chairman & Managing Director –Embassy Group, Mr. Jitu Virwani. The ceremony ended with an inspiring speech from the Valedictorian of the Class of 2018.

Accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC), Stonehill International School’s graduating students have been accepted into renowned universities in India and abroad.

The Bangalore based international school has a good number of this year’s graduating class getting into prestigious universities like MIT, Stanford University, London School of Economics, and more.

Over the years, the school has accomplished an illustrious record of placing its students in some of the best universities across India, USA, UK, and Canada. VIT Vellore, Kings College, Simon Fraser University, Parsons and New York University are a few of the esteemed universities that Stonehill students have gotten accepted to.

Students who have made it to the top Universities across the Globe:

  • Shashank R– Stanford University – World Ranking 1 – Indian Student
  • Vinicius DE Poula Souza – London School of Economics ( World ranking 3 for Political Science)
  • Dilsher Singh – Hong Kong University of Science and Technology ( World Ranking 27) –Indian Student
  • Zoranuddin Syed – McGill University, University of Edinburgh/ University of British Columbia ( World ranking 17 and 34 respectively) Decided to attend McGill University)Indian Student
  • William Croke Martin- University of Toronto / McGill University ( World ranking 12 and 26 respectively for political science)
  • Ida Wardemark- Leiden University (world ranking 26 for International Relations) and many others have received equally impressive offers.

Encouraging quotes by the dignitaries at the function:

“Be compassionate and give back to those who are less privileged. Treating people with respect and kindness will go a long way. Be resilient to any setbacks that you will encounter in life. Always accept defeat positively and remember that setbacks are opportunities to get things right the next time. Be innovative in thought. Our world is changing so rapidly and for you to be successful, find ways to be innovative and Agile in thought and action. And finally, Have immense faith in yourself and be very grateful for what you have.” – Jitu Virwani, Founder – Stonehill International School.

“As you go forward, remember your common IB heritage. You are Inquirers, Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Open-minded, Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced and Reflective. Even though you share this background, each one of you is unique—there’s no one else like you.  Your own unique blend—the takeaways from your learning and experiences, your cultural background, family, your personality, and characteristics –all of this is a gift you give to our world. So my advice is to enjoy and optimize this—go with the flow, see where life takes you. It’s okay not to have it all planned out in advance—this leaves the door open for opportunity.” Dr. Beverly Sortland, Head of School – Stonehill International School.

“I hope your education at Stonehill has given you the skills to become excellent problem solvers, effective communicators and, most importantly, lifelong learners. I would like to speak to you about the power of diversity and education. In a world that is constantly changing, now, more than ever, we are in need of global citizens that understand the necessity of diversity and the desire to learn from one another through success and failure. The true purpose of education is to help people understand and adapt to the world around them. By learning from each other, we allow for broader perspectives, more compassion, and greater equality. We ensure that we not only celebrate our differences but also respect them. The diverse and multi-cultural community at Stonehill is a great example of what I am talking about.” Mr. Narendra Mehrotra, Secondary Principal – Stonehill International School

“Today, the door of opportunities lays open before you. Learn to make choices and follow your passion. You are going to fall down, but the world doesn’t care how many times you fall down as long as it is one lesser than the times you have got back on your feet. You are our Stonehill Tigers – you are prepared for all challenges!” Ms. Manpreet Kaur, IB DP Coordinator – Stonehill International School



Dilsher Singh


Shashank Ramamoorthy


Zoranuddin Syed


About Stonehill International School:

Spread over 34 acres, nestled 20 minutes away from the Bangalore airport, the Stonehill campus is spacious, purpose-built, safe and highly conducive to learning. The international school is fully accredited by CIS/NEASC and the Australian Boarding Schools Association. Students from age three through secondary school enjoy a state-of-the-art campus that features extensive sports fields and facilities, two swimming pools, an equestrian center, three boarding houses, two libraries, and a cafeteria. Stonehill offers education in a warm and friendly small school environment, where each student’s quest for individual excellence is a priority. The students and teachers at Stonehill come from India as well as over 35 different countries spanning the globe.


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  2. Informative post. School looks to be great. But must be very expensive. Students go abroad for undergraduate studies. Very costly affair. Is there a similar school for middle income parents? Please write.

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