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The Alchemist

Today’s post is about author Paulo Coelho’s international bestseller  “The Alchemist“. It was first published in 1988 by Editora Rocco Ltd in Spanish language and then translated into English and numerous other languages. Its 71st impression was published in 2016. ISBN: 978-81-7223-498-0.

About the book – The Alchemist:

The Alchemist is not just a ‘book’, but it has become an epitome of lessons of life; it has become a cult!!

It is a book that leaves an everlasting impression and a forever urge to follow your dreams without giving up. The story covers a deep-rooted message that one should never give up following one’s dreams, that one should keep the faith and persistently take steps towards achieving their dreams, that one should not give up by seeing obstacles and when one follows his dreams persistently then the whole universe conspires to help him achieve his dreams.

The way in which this book imparts the precious lesson of life is very unique. It is written in a very simple language with lots of quotes throughout the story. Every chapter has the needed stickiness and leaves you enlightened with a fresh learning and lot of positive energy.

Every instance of experience that is shared in this book, relates to a similar experience that we have been through in our journey to achieve our dreams. We can relate to the journey, the hard work, the opportunities that come across, the opportunities that we grabbed and the ones we missed, the struggles we did, the hints of nature (omens) that helped us and the encouragement from our friends and family.

This book helps us to get back on our path, it fills us with the positivity and the faith to overcome the hurdles.


About the Story:

The book is written in form of a story of a shepherd boy from a Spanish province who one day gets a dream about a hidden treasure at the Pyramids of Egypt and then he starts on his journey to find the treasure. He crosses vast regions without giving up. He faces many difficulties but never gives up. His hard work is rewarded by nature in the form of signs/omens that fills him with new energy and takes him steps closer to achieve his dream and reach the treasure.

I don’t want to write more about the story. This is a book that one doesn’t need to just be ‘read’ but one needs to live it, one needs to experience it.

This book will forever remain as one of my all-time favorite books.

The Alchemist


The Alchemist

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  2. True in life one must follow ones dreams. But there are other constraints that tie us down. I guess one also needs to know what exactly one wants. Because for many of us goal is not clear and goal post keeps shifting.

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