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A foundation laid on strong values and commitment from students and teachers results in consistent achievements. Stonehill International School (SIS), known for its’ diverse and inclusive culture, continues to move from strength to strength. With an average of 32.1 points, Stonehill’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) score remains above the world average, for the sixth consecutive year. Of the graduating Class of 2018, Stonehill’s top scorers received an excellent result of 42 out of a maximum score of 45 points.

The IB Diploma (Grade 11 and 12) is a rigorous two-year program designed to prepare students in multidisciplinary approaches to solving problems. It is crafted to be academically challenging, allowing students to acquire a vast breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding; make connections across traditional academic disciplines through in-depth academic research, and strengthens their ability to solve problems and understand concepts. This holistic approach to education helps students enhance their personal and interpersonal development as well.

Students from Stonehill’s graduating Class of 2018 have been accepted into prestigious universities across the world.

Simon McCloskey, the Head of School says, “As an inclusive school, striving to develop caring, confident and responsible global citizens, we are delighted that Stonehill’s average IB Diploma results have now been consistently above the world average for the past six years. We are also extremely pleased that two of our students, Dilsher Singh and Vinicius De Paula Sousa, both achieved 42 points – our highest score this year. We are all extremely proud of the Stonehill Graduating Class of 2018. We know that our very special students will go on to achieve great things.”

Simon McCloskey

Here’s what Stonehill’s top scorers have to say about the IB Diploma Programme and the school –

Dilsher, one of Stonehill’s top scorers says, “Maths and Science have always been my areas of interest; the excellent teachers at Stonehill have provided me with wonderful opportunities to leverage these interests. Sports has been my passion and Stonehill has given me opportunities to excel in football, cricket, and swimming. The school has helped me develop lifelong skills which make me feel better prepared for University life. The IB programme has provided me with a holistic environment for learning and made me a confident learner.”



“Being a student at Stonehill provided me with the perfect environment to learn. I had the freedom and the space to follow my intuition, along with the necessary and strong support from teachers to fall back on when I needed guidance. These two elements made my experience in Stonehill a very valuable one – one I’ll remember forever.”  says Vinicius, another top scorer.


Shashank Rammoorthy, Valedictorian for this years’ cohort says “Studying at Stonehill has been a great, all-around experience. I’ve learned so much from my teachers and friends at this diverse school. The students received great support from all of our teachers, especially as the final IB exams approached.”


Stonehill has grown into one of India’s most respected IB world schools and its major strengths are;

  1. Diverse learning community: Stonehill admits students from over 35countries and provides a diverse and rich learning community
  2. Inclusivity/Non-Selective School: Most schools are “selective” and admit students who excel only in academics. Stonehill  believes in a “non-selective” Admissions process, allowing students with different abilities and strengths, to excel in a challenging academic environment supported by highly skilled educators who focus on developing each child into the best versions of themselves
  3. Faculty: Stonehill is renowned for hiring educators with a perfect blend of the best IB experience and international school experience. The highly trained Indian and international faculty includes teachers who are very active in various roles like IB workshop leaders, IB exam inspectors and senior examiners, accreditation specialists for other schools and more
  4. Residential programme: Stonehill’s unique residential programme is designed to nurture each child to create caring, confident, empathetic global citizens. Students can opt for full-time or weekly boarding, and take advantage of residential tutors to help them academically. Stonehill is a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), which is a leading authority onboarding for school-aged students both in Australia and overseas
  5. Accreditation: Stonehill is one of the very few schools in the country that is jointly accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the IB (International Baccalaureate) which ensures that the guiding statements of the school, student’s learning and well-being, governance, leadership and staffing policies and practices are benchmarked to some of the best schools around the world.

Mr. Narendra Mehrotra, the Principal of the Secondary School says, “We at Stonehill believe in providing a truly global education by providing challenging and diverse learning environments that promote international mindedness. Our students learn to be critical thinkers who apply concepts, both in familiar and unfamiliar situations. They are taught to think for themselves by driving the learning process, are competent problem solvers and can handle unexpected situations. Learning through practical real-world examples is unique and long-lasting, enabling our students to be well prepared for the challenges of university learning, and to face life in the real world with confidence.”

Narendra Mehrotra

Stonehill strongly believes in taking students with potential, and supporting and nurturing them in their journey to academic excellence, regardless of the level that they started at. To know more about this unique school refer to their website

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