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Faasos Bellandur

Faasos has been around for many years now. It is among the early trendsetters of delivering healthy food at your doorsteps. I regularly dine at and from Faasos. This review is about a recent food delivery from Faasos Bellandur supported by my overall experience with Faasos for many years.

Delivery and Packaging:

Delivery of food is the very first impression. Depending on the mood and criticality, early or late delivery can make or break the first impression. Faasos Bellandur did not let down. Delivery happened on time and food reached fresh and hot to me.

All food dishes were packed carefully in their respective containers. I liked the concept where they used a Red color tape to indicate Non-Vegetarian food and Green color tape to indicate Vegetarian food. The combo was nicely packed in a spill-proof section plate. I loved that the food did not get mixed up during delivery. The wrap was packed in a comfortable rectangular box which made it very easy to open and eat it. Mains were packed in decent sized spill-proof bowl-shaped microwaveable containers.

What TheHeeBee had:

I ordered one starter – Cheese Melt Paneer Wrap and I loved that it truly stood to the expectation. It was mildly spiced and wrapped in a decent sized roti. Paneer pieces were very soft and in sufficient quantity. I loved the creamy, cheesy taste and texture with every bite.

The main course consisted of one combo and two main dishes. Aloo Paratha Chole Combo was a hit for my kid who loved it to the fullest. Aloo paratha was very soft and mildly spiced. Cooked perfectly. Chole was one of the best that I could recommend. It had that rustic flavor that we could expect from a Punjabi restaurant.  It was accompanied by a helping of fresh curd.

I am a big fan of minced meat. When I spotted Chicken Kheema in the menu, I could not resist. We cooked roti at home to have along with Chicken Kheema. This was a brilliant preparation. Tender minced meat in lots of flavors. The taste was very similar to what we expect from a Mutton Kheema at a traditional North Indian or Muslim eatery. As expected it was drenched in oil which could be easily drained. Appreciations to the chef for not missing the fresh coriander leaves for garnish. This completely took the dish to next level.

I am also a big fan of flavored rice at Faasos. Their USP is the long basmati grains and the distinct flavor of saffron in every spoon of rice. So rice bowl was never to be missed. Chicken Tikka Rice Feast consisted of a bowl full of delicious flavored basmati rice topped with delicious curry of tender boneless chicken pieces. Chicken Tikka curry stood to the expectations and again sprinkle of coriander took it to different levels.

All the food items are moderately priced and reasonable on the pocket.

Faasos Bellandur


Faasos Bellandur


Faasos Bellandur


Faasos Bellandur


Faasos Bellandur


Faasos Bellandur

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia


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