Foster’s Lager – Beer Review


Foster's Lager

Foster’s has been available in Indian markets for quite some time now. In the initial days, it used to be a symbol of pride as people used to flaunt themselves having an “Australian” beer. The current scenario has changed and Indian Beer market can boast of availability of beer from across the globe. Still, Foster’s Lager remains a favorite of many beer lovers.

Look and Pour: Beautiful Golden Yellow in color and pours clear with a decent froth cap. I love the misty looks of beer glasses with a lovely froth cap. Sa pleasure to the eyes.

Taste: Tastes medium on the flavors. No single flavor that overpowers the pallets. There is a hint of hops and mild sweet floral note feel here and there. Thin texture and pleasant neutral aftertaste.

Smell: Very mild smell with some hints of hops at times. It is practically nil on this aspect.

Overall it is light bodied and very neutral on all the characteristics. It is a fine pale golden lager that I loved to have unplanned without any occasion. Great for warm afternoons but it can even be a great companion during late evenings. Tastes good even when loses a bit on temperature.


Foster's Lager


Fosters Lager

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