THEHEEI am Hiral Amodia. Software Engineer by profession, I work as Project Manager at a services IT company in Bangalore. I belong to Surat, Gujarat. There is a famous saying in Gujarati which when translated is “There is nothing like dying in Kashi and there is nothing like dining in Surat!” and that’s how by my genes I am a hard core foodie. Tasting different cuisine food, travelling, blogging, spending quality time with family are few of the activities that turns me on, my favorite being playing with my kido!! THEHEE comes from Hiral which is pronounced as Heeral!!
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


THEBEE stands for Bijan. Pronounced as Beejan. Correct !!!  You got it right. From there BEE came out. Cool naa !!

So here i am, Bijan Mishra. A forced software engineer by profession. But an art and natuTHEBEEre loving  person by heart. God knows why he made me an average student. Without studies also, I managed to score 85+ percentage in my whole career. As coming form  a middle standard family ,there is no option but to be an engineer. But Bijan likes to sing, likes to play cricket, like to dance, likes to draw cartoons, loves to cook food and serve to other. Two things I can do continuously throughout the day, one is singing and the other  is eating. By my size you can understand how food crazy I will be. So far i haven’t found a thing which I can’t eat.

My family is in Bhubaneswar, capital for Odisha. From my father, the love of music and food came to me. From my mother I got the sweet behavior of her. I have a girlfriend and recently completed 10 yrs of relationship. Next year we are getting married. Don’t think much, i am only 25 yr old. Can also help you as love guru.




Coincidentally we both got to meet each other at our employment in form of team members. While on a coffee break we accidentally got into a conversation around food and restaurants of Bangalore. Those few minutes over coffee break helped us identify the strong commonalities that we had around food, travel and blogging. That is the day when we both felt that we should join over a blog and share our craze with the world outside.Within a month we conceptualized the idea of our blog. And finally happy to  start our passion in through words of blogging.