Quick Strawberry Chiller


Final-Pic2This is a quick-fix dessert which you can make without any fuss. Anyone who wants to make something delicious without a lot of planning/preparation/execution can pick it up.







Ingredients :

– Strawberry – 6 nos.

– Honey – 3 table spoon.

– Ice-cream – approx. 2 scoops (any flavor).

– Rose syrup.


Fresh strawberries cut into semi-circular pieces.


Strawberry pieces coated with honey.


Honey coated strawberries kept in refrigerator.

Preparation :

– Take fresh strawberries. Wash them well and remove the top branch and leaf part.

– First cut each strawberry vertically into two halves. Take each half and further cut vertically to form semi circular pieces.

– Take the pieces into a bowl and pour honey over them. Mix it well with hand so that honey is coated over each piece of strawberry.

– Put the honey coated strawberries into refrigerator for approximately 2-3 hours. This will help with a little bit of marinating and will also give a good temperature to strawberries.

– Take ice-cream scoops in the serving bowl. Drop strawberry pieces over it. Pour rose syrup.

– Your quick-fix dessert is ready to be served.


Recipe Courtesy :

Mrs. Zalak Amodia.

Zalak is a software engineer by profession. She loves to cook different dishes for family and friends.

THEHEEBEE would like to thank Zalak for sharing the recipe.

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