Futsal – Energy filled indoor Football!


main-PicThe second most popular sport in India is Football, the first one being Cricket. Since years, Cricket has been ruling the hearts of Indian sports fans. But football has not been very far-off in terms of popularity and there are very strong pockets (& states) where Foodball has even surpassed in terms of popularity.

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In spite of being shadowed by cricket fever, India has succeeded in producing some very good football talent who have a huge fan following within the country and a lot of respect in football fraternity across the globe.

With the increased pace of life, every sport seems to be evolving with a smaller, faster and less complex version of itself. Test cricket gave birth to one-day cricket, which in turn brought a paradigm shift with 20-20 format of cricket. The same way Futsal is a variant of football which is played on a smaller field, with a smaller team and mainly indoors. It has its origins in Uruguay in 1930.


The overall format of Futsal makes it like a blitz mode of football. The team comprises of 5 players instead of 11 in football. This makes it more easy and quick to form a good team. Also, lesser the number of players means majority of the payers are hands-on to all the talent of the game, making the moves less predicable. This increases the excitement of the game. 45 minutes halves of football are reduced to 20 minutes halves. This brings in the pace into game since beginning.

Apart from this, there are many other modifications which ensure that the play is shorter and more exciting, more fun.


India is known for its craze towards sports. Now a days, with an easy access to media, transport and information, Indian youth ventures for different means of entertainment even into sports area. Foodball and Futsl are hence gaining a slow but steady popularity in the country.

Pune Football Club recently had organized an event called Pune Football Club Futsal Cup 2015. It was an inter-school tournament which gave over 40 schools an opportunity to display their talent in Futsal. Such events are creating the much needed awareness about Futsal in the country. Such events should be very much supported and encouraged.

A group of motivated Futsal fans have created a roof-top Futsal facility in a locality in Chennai. This shows the kind of passion that the Indian youth is now carrying for energy-filled sports like Futsal.

These events are very positive seeds for an increasing popularity for Futsal among Indian people. With proper nurturing this can for sure grow better.


Portuguese football legent Luis Figo is a big support to all the Futsal fans around the globe. He is promoting Football and Futsal across the globe through his sporting venture. He is soon planning to visit India to explore business opportunities, including the launch of his own football academy in India. There are very high hopes that there will be a very good encouragement to Futsal through his efforts.

He even recently twitted about his India ambitions. Without disclosing more information he twitted a pic of his ‘Indian Partners’. He also acknowledged a news by an Indian New agency about his ambitions in India.

With all this we can surely say that we are very near to the times when people will be setting up huge community screens to telecast Futsal tournaments in India.





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