The Sun, the Clouds and a storm in my mind!!


It was one beautiful Sunday evening. I was sipping on a cup of tea while seated in my drawing room near the window. There was nothing unusual till I identified a pattern. Our mind is amazing, till that time I was loving my tea and the time and suddenly the out burst of thoughts.

That one incident taught me an important lesson of life!!

I took a sip of tea and observed the birds getting back to their homes. A group of pigeons were playing in the nearby field. Strong winds were swinging the trees and everything was beautiful. Then suddenly I noticed that for last few minutes the sun and the clouds were literally at war. They were fighting as if one of them was trying to suppress the other’s good work — a normal phenomenon in office, right? Every time clouds would gather from here and there and try to hide the Sun. And the sun will again shine out. The clouds were very mobile and the wind was at their side. The sun was slower then the clouds in making out its way.  After a lot of fight, at one point of time the clouds confronted the Sun and almost hide it from all the sides. And then suddenly a small needle like ray managed to shine out of the dark clouds, then few more rays and then a bundle of rays and then finally out burst of rays….. the Sun tore apart the thick layer of clouds and came out victorious.

Aah!!! Isn’t nature trying to teach me an important lesson? In fact many lessons?

– The Sun was slower than the clouds and it was not doing any effort to suppress the beauty of the clouds.

– Clouds were very aggressive (or vocal? – to draw analogy with our office guy) and trying their best to suppress the beauty of Sun.

– The Sun just kept on cool and kept on having patience and then at one point of time it tore apart the ego of clouds and showed to the world that ‘Patience is the virtue of the strong’!

In life we may pass through many such temporary obstacles. People will try to suppress us. We have to keep a cool and have patience. Ultimately patience pays off for anyone who is in the correct side!!

Have fun folks!!!

Signing off!

Hiral Amodia @ THEHEEBEE

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