Bihari Delicacy – ‘Litti Chokha’ at Namma Bengaluru



As we continued our search for lesser known yet mouth watering street food joint, we got pointers to ‘Om Sweets and Namkeen’ located in Electronic City Phase-1, Doddathogur Road, Opposite Velankani Tech Park. As our office shifted to a this area, we got an opportunity to explore the food joints around. On one evening when it was raining some of our friends pointed us to this small joint serving delicious hot Bihari savories and snacks.

“Om Sweet And Namkeen” is a small shack operating from a small premises outside a biryani restaurant. It is very small and easy to miss on the busy stretch. Yet, it has a good base of regular customers who have made it very popular in the area.


It has limited offerings of snacks and sweets. Most popular here is the Bihar special “Litti Chokha“. Apart from that, people are fan of Samosa, Kachori Chaat, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamuns and few other snack and sweet offerings.


The shack is owned by Mr. Niranjan who runs it with a staff of three people including him. Niranjan belongs to a family that owns such savory and sweet shacks in Bihar and hence he is very much hands-on with the specialities. He moved to Bangalore few years back to earn a living by selling Bihari chaat items to Bengalurians.


We took a dig at couple of dishes and below is our a glimpse of those.

Litti Chokha :


Litti Chokha is a traditional snack from the state of Bihar. This is a dish which comprises of whole wheat balls gently roasted on charcoal stove (Sigri) till they are finely cooked and turn brown. Charcoal flavor takes it to a completely different level. It is served with Baigan (Egg Plant) bhartha and chutney. We got an opportunity to taste it for the first time and it was mind blowing. The rustic feeling was just amazing.

Chola Kachori :

Chola Kachori

Simple deep fried Kachori stuffed with hot and spicy Chole gravy and garnished with chutney and onions. A definitely delicious ‘quick bite’.

Samosa Chaat :

Samosa Chaat

This was mind-blowing. All the flavors were very distinct and a treat to taste-buds. Its tried to be believed. Tasty Samosa was crushed. Hot and delicious chole gravy was poured over it. It was garnished with chutney, curd, dry mix, onions and dhaniya… wonderful it was!!

Gulab Jamuns and Rasgulla :


Very delicious. A much needed break among the series of savories. Both were freshly prepared and very distinct than those which are comes preserved in a can. Well balanced sugar syrup made it perfect!

Litti Chaat :

Litti Chaat

Similar to Samosa chaat. Litti was crushed and chaat was prepared out of it. Again the smoky flavor was distinct of this dish.

Let us now leave you with some visual treat with below pics :

Kachori Frying

Kachori Deep Frying



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