Myth Bursting Automobile Cleaning Inventions by Bosch India



Bosch India has recently invented state of the art Automobile Cleaning Solutions. These were recently demonstrated to a select invitees at Royal Orchids. We were privileged to be a part of the demonstration. The demonstration was overwhelming and the products are definitely something that every Automobile lover would like to own.

Live demo was quite exciting. It was way different than what one would see in video. We have watched it with our own eyes and we have become a fan of these washers.

Their automobile cleaning solutions fall in three categories – Heavy Dirt Cleaners, Medium Dirt Cleaners and Light Dirt Cleaners. In the three categories they cover almost all the automobile cleaning needs very well. Live demo was done for three cleaners.

While everyone was wondering about a lot of presentations and discussions, Bosch had a very effective strategy – show what will be delivered. They had setup an area where three automobiles were arranged and all were splashed with mud. Invitees were also welcome to make those as dirty as they would like to šŸ™‚ . Then a small informative session by the host was followed by the Bosch technicians giving live demo of the cleaners. Three cleaners came into action as if on a mission….. and WOW!!! How swiftly they brought back the automobiles to shining.

Each cleaner is for a particular use. There are many innovative accessoriesĀ like – 3-in-1 Nozzle, Rotary Nozzle, 90 Degrees Nozzle, High Pressure Detergent Nozzle, Suction Nozzle, Latest Patio Cleaner, Effective Wash Brush, High Pressure Hose, Extension Hose, Drain Cleaner, Water Filter, Adapter for Karcher Accessories, Adapter for Aquatak Accessories etc.Ā All theseĀ give effective results along with elegance and ease of use.

Below are the exciting specifications of the cleaners :

Specs- capture

We leave you with some mind-blowing pics of the demonstration :







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