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On 26-Oct-2016 – Monday, we were invited to visit Freecharge Bangalore office. It was a very fun-filled and informative visit. At the end we got to know a lot about their ‘cool’ setup, how different teams who make things possible, the robust security features, their readiness to support the spikes during festival seasons and how the dedicated folks ensure 24*7 delightful customer support.

We reached around 10.00 AM and were greeted by the staff who helped us reach the cafeteria for a delicious healthy breakfast. After finishing the breakfast, we got seated in a conference room where we got to meet many other bloggers. Freecharge marketing team briefed us about the flow of the event and then took us on the tour of their ‘cool’ facility.

Freecharge indeed has a very ‘cool’ facility. All the different teams work on the same floor (except customer support which works from another building, right opposite the road) and the environment is very vibrant. They have made very appealing work stations using very vibrant and energetic colors. There are various informal seating arrangements for informal meetings and discussions or just in case someone wants a change. Rather than writing much about it, we leave you to see it by yourselves in the below pics:




We met various different teams like Delivery and Deployment, Growth Marketing, Brand Marketing, QA, HR, Finance, Product, UX/UI etc. Even on a Monday morning all were very energetic and it clearly depicted that how much they are enjoying to come to work. We talked with various different members from different team and had a very delightful chit-chat.

After meeting the teams, we had two very informative sessions lined up for us.

It was our privilege to meet Mr. Govind Rajan, CEO, Freecharge



Mr Rajan took us through a brief history of Freecharge and how the teams are working hard to bring in more and more innovation and security measures to the product. He kept the session open for interaction. All the bloggers asked very interesting questions and Mr. Rajan helped us to know Freecharge much better.

Mr. Rajan’s session was followed by a joint session by : Mr. Ishan Vaish, Director – Products; Mr. Varun Arora, Senior Product Engineer; Mr. Fareed Jawad, Principal Architect.


Few interesting points which we could note from interaction with Mr. Rajan, Mr. Ishan, Mr. Varun and Mr. Fareed :

  • FreeCharge was named  one of the most promising technology startups from India by
  • Currently it works on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.
  • Currently they are supporting 15 Telecom services and 30+ Utility Brands.
  • It is currently the biggest virtual card distributor in the world with more than 2 million cards sold already.
  • Teams are constantly working to make the product better and better. They want it to be a product which the customer loves and never goes away.
  • Mr Rajan himself demonstrated us few features and that was very exciting.
  • Mr Rajan also discussed how Freecharge app is friendly even to senior citizens who would not be very tech/mobile savvy. He explained it through some real-life examples.
  • We also talked at detail on all the hard work that the team does in identifying and avoiding frauds. How they keep on identifying the patters and keep on enhancing their algorithms to make it safer and saferday by day!
  • It was very interesting to know that they have a dedicated bunch of engineers who keep a high vigil on Risky Transactions and how their Machine Learning algorithms keep on making it safer for customers.
  • We also talked about some cool features like :
    • Very innovative UI/UX.
    • Tapping V/S Typing.
    • Recharge from mobile’s contact list.
    • Recharge under 10 seconds.
    • 98% recharge success rates.
    • Wide coverage with paramount security.
    • Offline payment mode.
    • WhatsApp money through Freecharge.
    • Reminders and in-app notifications.
    • Reminders to renew data and automatically renew it just before the time limit ends.
    • Know real-time data consumption with Freecharge app.
    • Robust security through – OTP, Scan Code and QR codes.
    • Fraud checks done during consumer lifecycle.
    • Interesting Gamification features.
    • Features to onboard NGOs and provide donation transaction support.

Post lunch we went to their other facility which is across the road. 24*7 customer support team operates from here. They explained us how they keep customer safety and customer satisfaction as paramount objectives.


Overall it was a day full of energy. We returned back with an assurance to ourselves that we are going to be on Freecharge… It is definitely the very convenient, user-friendly and safe wallet that I would like to stick to.

During our meeting, we could realize that everyone at Freecharge strives to fulfill their promise :

  • An easy and instant recharging process
  • A hassle-free online experience
  • A safe and secure payment process
  • Best discounts available in the market
  • Simple voucher redemption with no hidden costs or complex terms and conditions
  • And a totally satisfied you, who’ll want to come back to us again and again

For more detail visit freecharge website :;jsessionid=08333CE6404C9148867E721A57C14FC3

To download the Freecharge  app from google store:





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