Xploree – The Thinking Keyboard powered by NLP, Machine Learning and AI



Mobile phones are now more than just phones for PDAs. The interesting and useful applications have truly made Smart phones much smarter than what they were perceived initially.

We use various different applications on our mobile phone. Among them one of the applications which we have been using is keyboard application. There are many keypboard applications available in the Appstore with features like better word predictions and corrections, multi-language support, themes etc. Xploree by KeyPoint Technologies is an Android smartphone keyboard application with intelligence. It is a “Thinking Keyboard powered by Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!”.

Recently we were invited to a Geek Talk about Xploree at Bengaluru. It was a power packed event where technical team from KeyPoint Technologies took us through their journey in developing this Thinking Keyboard. The session was attended by some popular Tech Bloggers of Bengaluru who made it very interactive and interesting.

We installed Xploree on our smart phones through this event. Since then we have started loving it more and more. Sharing here some understanding about Xploree, KeyPoint Technologies and our experience with Xploree.


Xploree is the industry’s first mobile discovery keyboard that connects smartphone users to the most relevant product content and services in their moment of need. The core technology pivots on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Xploree was born out of an idea to use language intelligence as a unified playground for connecting brands and services to consumer. Now the humble smartphone keyboard has evolved in its journey, from being a simple input interface to a smart personalised assistant to consumers.

Xploree has a strong Intent Prediction Engine comprising of :

  • User context awareness
  • Context processing
  • Intent analysis algorithm
  • Sentiment analysis algorithm
  • Recommendations Engine
  • and much more…

All these components bring in a real time intent prediction into the keyboard at client side. It analyzes the content based on text, application, time, location and various other parameters. Based on the analysis it pushes real time recommendations of the best available offers on the internet in form of various cards. The application is non-intrusive and it just pops up a small icon with the number of offers it has identified. User can surf through these cards and pick the best offer. Xploree keeps on learning based on the user selections.

Xploree searches relevant best deals into various different categories like : Cards & Greetings, Footware, Special Ocassions, Coupons, Consumer Electronics, Services & Repairs, Mobiles & Tablets, Food and much more…..

Below are some key facts about Xploree :

  • Multi-lingual with support for 130+ languages.
  • 2.5 million user base
  • Currently supported for Android OS
  • Key Features include : Intenticons, CrossApp Reach, Hyper-contextual, save new words and carry your personalized keyboard, Effortless typing, Regional language support etc. For more in-depth understanding on these features please follow this link.

The fact that all the intent predictions happen at client side means that user anonymity and privacy is completely maintained.  All these comes at no extra impact on battery life. We are using it for over 10 days now and we feel no additional degradation of the battery life.

Xploree can be downloaded from here.

Below are some interesting videos which will help to know more about the exciting features of Xploree :


Below are some pics of the event and of all the exciting stuff that we captured while using Xploree :


Pic Above : Deepti Saxena, Director – Marketing, KeyPoint Technologies giving a kickoff to the event.


Pic above : Kiran Karthikeyan, VP – Product Development, KeyPoint Technologies


Pic Above : Nutan Chokkareddy, CTO, KeyPoint Technologies






















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