“Jan Ki Baat” – Demonetization survey on Narendra Modi App



Amid the #demonetization drive that India is passing through, comes a very novel action by Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking people to provide direct feedback to him through a survey on “Narendra Modi” app.

This survey has been a trigger for this app to become a hit on multiple digital platforms. People are not just talking about this app, but it has scored itself among the top “searched” and “installed” entity on the digital media.






Google  Search trend showed that continuously the app remained among the top search on its search engine.


Within no time this survey has pushed the app to 1 MILLION downloads on the Android Play Store. We also downloaded this app and wanted to surf through this critical survey.



It is very easy to locate and come with the attractive picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Sized at 5.42 MBs it gets downloaded and installed quite fast.

Once installed, it asks a user to register by giving some details like ID, Password, Region, Date of Birth etc. Once a user successfully registers and sign-in, it takes to the interface of the app. Here on top is a big banner where user can click to take the #Demonetization survey.


The survey is available in two languages – English and Hindi. As soon as user clicks to initiate the survey, the app asks to choose the language.


The survey consists of 10 simple questions to which the user needs to reply. The replies to few questions are simple “Yes” & “No” options. Few questions have more options and user needs to Tick/Check the preferred answers. On few questions the user needs to record a rating on a numeric scale and one question asks user to rate on a scale starting from “Very Poor” to “Very Good” options. The last question asks user to share suggestions, ideas or insights to PM through a descriptive answer.

Once all the answers are selected, user can click on “Submit” button to get his/her response recorded.


























5 thoughts on ““Jan Ki Baat” – Demonetization survey on Narendra Modi App

  1. Is it a strong decission that only Narendra modi can do. Demonitization is must and useful .
    1. Demonitization will not create artifical wealth.
    2. Demonitization will not create artificial poor .
    3. every rupee will have value and accountable .
    4. Other nations cannot distrub our economy .

    there are many and many benifits of demonitizaton .

  2. Sir it is good for public 500/1000 band –
    one submission for 500/1000 – It will go for 200/300/400/500 only Sir,
    Block money is totally Closed Sir
    2000 will band after one year
    that place 200/300/400

  3. supper ji ji modi sir is first Indian only one men 500 1000 last date 30/11/2016 okay but 30/12/2016 not okay further India is world number one country 2020 jaikind

  4. This was a good way to get citizen feedback, but not the right way in my opinion. With a major population still not having electricity, having internet is a dream and having a smartphone with this app is impossible. In my view, most of them answering this poll would be well off. But the real problem is faced by the people in rural areas, and thus the results of this poll might not be accurate. Nevertheless, I haven’t tried this, but your post is quite detailed and tells every aspect of it.

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