Corporate Lesson – Do you have Banyan Trees in your garden?




Once upon a time there lived a farmer in a remote village. He had a small house and a farm near by. Adjacent to his house was a Banyan Tree. Farmer cultivated a small garden around that Banyan Tree and also planted some other trees, plants and shrubs around. After completing his daily work at farm, he used to return back home and take rest under the Banyan Tree. Banyan Tree provided him the very much needed shelter and peace. It saved him from scorching sunlight and protected him from heavy winds. A road passed by his house. Passersby also took shelter under Banyan Tree. Many times farmer used to get an opportunity to talk to these strangers who would then buy some of his produces and in turn become his customers. The Banyan tree provided the much needed relief, shelter, support and customers to the farmer.

One day the farmer brought a small delicate newly grown plant and carefully panted it under the Banyan Tree. That plant was supposed to grow in few weeks and start bearing beautiful flowers which the farmer was expecting to sell and make some good money out of it. Also he was eagerly waiting for the plant to grow and bear flowers in order to further increase the beauty of his garden. Daily he used to water the plant and nourish it with needed manure. Daily he used to be happy within himself as he would think about the flowers that this small plant will give, how it will increase the beauty of his garden and how it will help to make some more money.

Days passed by, weeks passed by but the plant did not grew to his expectations. Forget the flowers, the plant started to wither away. Farmer was very worried. He thought about it. Then he carefully removed it from under the Banyan Tree and planted it under a Guava Tree. He had not lost the hopes. He used to still daily water and nourish the plant. Within few days the plant got new life and it started growing merrily. Within next few weeks, it gave the first set of flowers. Farmer’s joy was beyond explanation.

So what happened here?

Banyan Tree was big, sturdy, well rooted and majestic. It was favorite of everyone as it provided the needed shelter from harsh sunlight and winds. Whenever anyone wanted to take rest, they used to reach to Banyan Tree and feel safe in its shelter. Passerby also liked it majestic appearance and the shelter that it provided. It also provided new customers to the farmer.

But it could not help grow another plant under its shelter. The small plant could not get the needed exposure to fresh air and sunlight to grow itself. Worse than this, the roots of Banyan Tree would also suck up the water and nutrients provided to the small plant. It was not Banyan Tree’s quality to help grow other plants under it. Farmer learned it the tough way.

However Guavava tree, which is not as big and majestic as Banyan Tree could provide the needed safety to the plant and also helped it grow. Occasionally the ripe fruits from Guavava tree would fall down, decompose and provide further nutrition to the plant. And within no time the plant grew and flowered.

Have we seen any such similarity in our teams? Do we have Banyan Trees in our team where we feel very safe? Do we feel that they will provide us the needed shelter from escalations and help attract customers? Do the customers like their deep rooted experience and their majestic results? Yes. We do have Banyan Trees in our teams and we very much need them due to those distinct qualities.

But one mistake that we do is to wrongly plan young talents under Banyan Trees. In order to grow fresh talent, we need to identify Guava trees in the team who help nurture the fresh talent and provide them adequate guidance and shelter. Guava trees of our team may not be customers’ delight, but then they are the ones who are going to help us grow fresh talent and help them bear flowers.


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