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Berger Paints has come up with major innovations in their product and service lines through – Easy Clean Paints, Weather coat anti-dust paint and Express Painting Services.

Recently we were invited to attend a #BergerXP meetup through Indiblogger. This turned out to be one of the most colorful events that we have attended recently.



The event was organized at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore. A very thoughtful thing was to start the event with networking lunch. We reached on time and it was exciting to meet some familiar faces among the bloggers and  Indiblogger team. A lot of chit-chat, hi-hello and networking happened over delicious lunch. All took turns to take selfies and groupfies at the Berger Paints stage.



By the time all finished lunch, the hall was set for the meetup to begin.



The event started with a lethargy-bursting activity – bursting the balloons. By the time the activity got over, everyone was very energized. This followed by a quick introduction by few bloggers.

What followed was a power packed informative session by Mr. Chandranath Banerjee from Berger Paints. After a quick welcome note, Mr Banerjee started bang on with the agenda. He took us all through :

  • Berger Paints network and spread.
  • Berger Paints success story.
  • Their latest innovations :
    • Easy Clean Paint & Weather coat anti-dust paint
    • Express Painting Services

It was very thoughtful of him to present his message through three interesting videos.

Some very interesting takeaways from Mr. Banerjee’s session are as under :

  • About Berger Paints and its network :
    • It is the 2nd largest paint company in India.
    • Berger paints has operations in India, Poland, Russia, Nepal and Bangladesh.
    • Its network in India spawns across : 100 offices, 12 manufacturing units, around 15,000 dealers and around 50,000 contractors.
  • Constant Innovation : Their efforts to remain at the top level is largely attributed to their efforts around constant innovation. Their latest innovative offerings to the customers are :
    • Easy Clean Paint which has innovated around the need to have an easily cleanable paint.
    • Weather coat anti-dust paint which has innovated from the core thought of providing a paint which can repel dust on the walls.
    • Express Painting service which has spawned around the customers’ need for Faster, Cleaner and Better painting solutions.

The complete presentation around Express Painting was very informative. Below are our takeaway on this innovative painting solution by Berger Paints :

Express Painting is the new age end-to-end painting solution which gives the consumer a painting experience around three critical attributes :

  • Faster : Painting is done using automatic machines, making the overall process 40-50% faster.
  • Cleaner : Machines make the painting process dust-free and hassle-free.
  • Better : Painting is undertaken by trained painters, ensuring very good finish. Berger assures the quality of paints and tools.
  • Cost effective : All these at cost similar to conventional painting.
  • Feedback mechanism : They have a streamlined feedback mechanism where they get feedback from users so that Berger team can keep on improving.

After the power-packed presentations, there were two power packed exercises for all the bloggers. All the bloggers divided themselves into teams of 5 members each with one of them as the captain.

In the first exercise we tried to clean a wall and make it ready for painting. This experience helped us to strongly believe how difficult and messy is this manual way of cleaning the walls. Tools are definitely the need of the hour.


In the second exercise we used Berger Paints different colors and painted a painting imparting a social message. Our team “Painter Daakus” made a painting depicting the growing danger on Bengaluru due to the fast deforestation that is happening to make way for buildings and fly-overs. Our painting wont the first prize and we got shopping vouchers as prize.





A special thanks to Indiblogger team for organizing this lovely event.

Throughout the event there were exciting prizes for interesting tweets. Our below tweet won “Tweet of the day” prize :


And yeah… how could we miss the selfie time?



Please surf through below videos which will help in getting more insight into the message that we want to pass about #BergerXP :

1). Mr Chandranath Banerjee’s address :


2). About Berger Express Painting :


3). Feedback from real customers who opted for Express Painting :


4). The range of BergerXP Smart Tools :








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