Corporate Lesson – Quick guide on how to cultivate the quality of taking ‘ownership’ !




There are few qualities which differentiate those who excel in their career to those who remain mediocre. Few of these qualities comes naturally and few can be cultivated by putting some sincere efforts.

One quality which will clearly help someone to excel in their career is “Ownership”!

Ownership is definitely not an easy quality to cultivate. But at the same time its not impossible to cultivate. So the question is – if it is possible to cultivate the quality of taking ownership, then how do one cultivate it?

There is no step-by-step guide to it, but as per my experience, if someone cultivates below three qualities, then it will indirectly help him to cultivate the bigger quality of ownership :

1). Think Big

Always think of bigger picture. This is one very important way to view things from a perspective of a senior. Always think that how does your contribution impact the bigger canvas. You may take few unplanned leaves thinking that you are just a junior developer. But that is not the right way to think. Instead you should think that how does your unplanned leaves impact the deliverable or the team or the customer. On the other side you should also think big about your contribution. Your every single piece of contribution is critical for the success of everyone. Thinking big helps you gain the needed maturity and helps in taking mature decisions.

2). Why am I doing it?

It is very important that you know why you are doing something. Blindly doing something just because someone has asked you to do that will only leave you as an executioner of a plan that someone else has developed. Instead of that you should always ask the question – why am I supposed to do this? What all things depend on my activity? What is the impact of my activity? By cultivating this quality you will be able to develop the abilities to take right decisions.

3). Never assume

Never assume someone else to do your job better than you. If it is your job to do something than ensure that you have done it and verified that it is done correct. If you are accountable to some task then you may still delegate it, but dont assume that after delegation it will be done correctly. You need to ensure that the task is done correctly. When you stop assuming and start being accountable then you develop the abilities to make your decisions successful.


When you cultivate the above qualities, you make yourself able to take mature decisions, right decisions and also ensure that you make your decisions successful – this is nothing but “ownership”!! You take ownership of some task and take mature and right decisions to make it successful!!



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4 thoughts on “Corporate Lesson – Quick guide on how to cultivate the quality of taking ‘ownership’ !

  1. Excellent points, Hiral! Taking ownership is a guaranteed way to excel. And knowing one’s why is so important – as it gives one purpose. Passing the buck is easier and many people fall on that spectrum at various levels. 🙂 Thanks for tagging me on Twitter.

    1. Dear Vidya Ji,

      Thank you for taking out some time and read it. Much more thank you for the valuable feedback!


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