Jaffer – The Mechanic who taught me to be a “Possibility Creator”


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Meet Jaffer – The Mechanic, The Possibility Creator. Yes these are his two identities. The first one is the identity that he has got by his profession. The second is what he truly is!!!

One day I wanted to get my scooter washed. That is when I reached to Jaffer’s “Armaan Zone” bike repair shop. From the first appearance it looked like any other normal shabby bike repair shop. But later when I experienced an ingenious invention by this 7th pass guy, it blew the mind out of me.

Jaffer has studied till 7th and then had to drop out due to conditions beyond his control. He then took some stray odd jobs and settled down to repairing cycles and scooters. Slowly he gained the experience and then took a small (approx 16 SqFt) shop where he setup his own bike repair business. He has employed two help as well.

Jaffer slowly made himself popular in the locality and formed a good customer base. But one thing that he was not satisfied about his “incomplete business” (as he terms it),  was that he missed a bike washing facility. This was mainly due to the fact that the locality in which his shop was setup had too many power-cuts. The irregular electricity supply was not letting him start the bike washing facility. He did not want to just setup bike washing facility that may not work due to electricity cut when when a customer wanted to get his vehicle washed. It will make customer unhappy and it will impact his customer base!!

He did not give up and kept on trying different thoughts to overcome the obstacle. One day an idea struck him. He bought a water pump and an old scooter. He connected the water pump with the scooter engine and ….. made his “incomplete business”, “complete”. Whenever a customer asks for scooter wash, he starts the scooter which runs the water pump and then a water jet connected to the pump will shower the water and he is sorted out!! Now he is no more dependent on the availability of electricity. He uses petrol to run the scooter engine which he can get easily from a petrol bunk. If anything goes wrong with the machine then he himself is the expert who can fix it. This is how with his “never give up” attitude, Jaffer who is just a 7th grade pass could overcome a major hurdle. He lived his dream and achieved his goal.

Seeing all this, I was stunned at Jaffer’s positive attitude and his strong will to overcome difficulties.

Below are some key takeaways that I have from this incident :


  • There are people who would always see the dark side of life. Even if they have all the worldly pleasures, they will still be dissatisfied and unhappy about one or the other thing. They are the “Pessimists“.
  • There are people who would always see the bright side of life and will wait for the things to happen. They will be always satisfied with what they have and their ambitions are also limited. They are the “Optimists“.
  • Jaffer is someone who is of the different DNA – he is a “Possibility Creator“. He did not get deter by his lack of education. He did not let the “availability of electricity” decide on whether he should be successful or not. He thought out of the box and took another innovative way to achieve his goals.
  • Education matters, but if you have the right attitude then lack of education cannot be a hurdle to your success.
  • Jaffer helped me to believe more on my principle of “never get stuck up in one thing, always try to find alternate solutions“.
  • Never give up on your dreams. If you leave your dreams then you leave the will to excel. It may take a lot of efforts and will test your patience, but keep on doing the sincere efforts. One day your dream will surely come true.

In personal and professional life we will come across many situations where we feel helpless. We may feel that situation is more powerful than us. We may feel that this is the end. We may feel like giving up. We may feel that we are stuck up. During all these times you need to become a “Possibility Creator” and come out of victorious by finding alternate solutions.

Below is the video of Jaffer and his ingenious solution :

4 thoughts on “Jaffer – The Mechanic who taught me to be a “Possibility Creator”

  1. Very inspiring. I totally agree that lack of education isn’t an hurdle for one’s success. And the degree from an institution is nothing but waste papers. A true inventor doesnt needs a university degree to change the world. He just needs passion to achieve and can educate himslef with his own experiences.
    Jaffar bhai.. Kudos!

    1. Dear Abhay – you just shared a very critical lesson. Thanks for going through the post and sharing your comments.

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