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Guhantara is India’s first ‘Cave’ theme resort located in Bengaluru. We visited Guhantara for a one day team outing. Sharing our experience here.

Guhantara is a brain child of two architect engineers. After successfully architecting various successful projects, C. H. Ramesh and S. N. Ramesh co-founded Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd. They then conceptualized and brought to reality India’s first ‘Cave Resort’ – Guhantara.

From the entrance itself, one can get the feeling of the unique experience that Guhantara has to provide. The big classy gate is replaced with an ancient-style wooden bridge-gate over a small canal and the mouth of the cave is right after this gate. The reception area is also like a small cave/cellar.  A long walk through a dark cave gives enough goose bumps as you pass by it to reach the activity area. The feeling is seen to be believed and hence we leave you to see the below video that will take you through a tour of the caves at Guhantara:



They have various different packages that are very well designed to please people of different interest. For more details refer to this link.

Guhantara has basically two kinds of offerings: A). Overnight stay in cave cottages and B). Fun activities and indoor-outdoor games. We are yet to explore the overnight stay. Hence this post is about the Fun activities and indoor-outdoor games.

Guhanara has lots of exciting activities to make everyone spend a fun filled day, be it a family or a small group or a bigger group or a large corporate group.

The available activities include:

Tunnel Trekking, Dart, VolleyBall, Billiards, Carrom, Chess, Bull Ride, Bicycle Ride, Horse Riding, Badminton, Table Tennis, Archery, Wall Climbing, Burma Loops, Zip Line, Zorb Ball, Commando Bridge, Paintball, Trampoline, Quad Bike Rides, Bull Ride, Swimming Pools, Rain Dance with DJ and Spa.

Breakfast :

A very satisfactory breakfast spread consisting of: Boiled Eggs & Bread, Idli, Vada, Sweet Semiya, Poha, Upma and Lemon Rice. Everything was cooked fresh and served hot. It was a delicious start of the day.

Team Building Activities:

We had opted for the special team building activities. An experienced coordinator helped us play interesting team building activities. We learned a lot from this exercise and it helped us to be better team players.

Other activities:

Everyone then got busy with different games and activities. Cricket and volleyball were the most popular among the male members while the female members had fun with indoor activities like carrom board, chess etc. The enthusiastic folks had fun with Paintball, Trekking, Horse Riding, Bicycle riding, biking etc. The premises is sufficiently big for everyone to enjoy the outdoor games of their choice.

Madhushala :

Madhushala gives a different experience. Sit in a peaceful area that is dim lit like a cave, enjoy the sight and sound of the waterfall and have the drinks of your choice. A definite bliss!

Lunch: Buffet lunch was served at their Sambhojana food court. Lunch was a scrumptious spread of veg and non-veg food items. The spread was balanced and had enough for both veg and non-veg food lovers.

Swimming: By lunch time everyone was exhausted and hence swimming was the activity that everyone was looking forward to. Guhantara has three swimming pools – one smaller swimming pool, one bigger and one swimming pool adjacent to the waterfall. Water was very clean and every pool had attendants who were taking care of everyone’s safety.

Rain Dance: By the time we all were enjoying in the pool the DJ started his music in the Rangamandapa. The music attracted everyone & in no time everyone started dancing to the beats. DJ was making the mood electrifying. Soon the showers started and the fun reached its epitome. Rain Dance is the best experience that anyone could have at Guhantara and not be missed.

High-Tea: .A fresh cup of tea/coffee with bread pakora was the much-needed refreshment.

Medical Emergency: We had a medical emergency with one team member. We got all the needed first aid and help. The doctor was available at the Ayurveda (spa) center, who immediately came with the first-aid kit and helped immediately. All the staff members were running for help and immediately helped with water, napkins, ice cubes etc.

Bye-Bye: We left Guhantara with a lot of happy memories. The day spent here will surely remain in our memories forever. We promised ourselves to again come back soon to spend another great day at Guhantara.

Next Time: Next time we would like to experience their overnight packages. Living in cave rooms will be an experience beyond imagination.

Below pics will help enhance the experience of this blog. However, the best experience that anyone can have is only by visiting Guhantara.
















Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



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