Keys to achieve your goals – “Bank Locker” Example



Today I was talking to my father about a friend who could achieve his dream after trying for many years. While we were discussing this, my father shared an important learning in the form of a simile which I am sharing with all.

Achieving one’s goals or dream is like a treasure inside a bank locker. Bank locker has a special mechanism where the locker gets opened by two keys – one key which is the locker holder’s key and the other key which is the bank’s key.

The locker holder can not open the locker by himself in spite of having his key and in spite of trying hard any number of times. The locker gets opened only when the locker holder and bank representative, both unlock it one after the other.

My father used this simile to explain me the below:

Consider that your goals and dreams are like the treasure inside the bank locker. The key that you hold is all the perseverance that you do to achieve your goals and dreams. The bank’s key is the key that God or Nature holds to help you achieve¬†your goals or dreams.

In order to achieve your goals and dreams, you need both – your key in the form of perseverance and bank’s key in the form of God or Nature’s wish to unlock your dreams.

So never give up on perseverance. The day when God or Nature wishes to open the locker for you, then you need to be ready with your key!!


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