Book Review – Second Chance

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Second Chance

Book: Second Chance

Author: Dr. Sandeep Jatwa

ISBN: 978-1-61813-802-6

Publisher: Educreation Publishing

Cost: INR, 225.00



The plot of the book revolves around it’s main character – Shekhar Kapoor who is a wealthy businessman and owner of a top shoe manufacturing company.

Shekhar grew up to become an arrogant, rude, selfish and judgemental person. He indulges into unethical business processes to remain on top. Gradually he becomes very inhumane towards everyone around and this leads to him causing serious harm to many people around him.

Suddenly a help comes to him in form of strange messages and voices warning him to stop his wrongdoings or face the consequences in “The City Of Justice”. Shekhar ignores these warnings and continues with his wrongdoings until one day he dies and is subjected to a list of his wrongdoings and the associated punishments by The Bookkeeper in The City Of Justice.

As you will read in the book, something good comes to Shekhar’s rescue and he is given a second chance to come back to life and correct all his mistakes. Shekhar is now a changed man and he corrects all his mistakes and makes the most of this Second Chance to spread love and happiness in the world.


Second Chance has a unique plot. I loved the concept. it has a strong and deep message to do good and be good. The first few chapters are very well written to set the base and create the needed stickiness with the story.

The detailed description of the City Of Justice and the punishments given in the hell show that the author has an in-depth knowledge of Hindu Mythology. It creates the very much needed impact to change the antagonist to protagonist.

There are some very good turns and surprise elements in the story that the author has kept in appropriate situations. When the story becomes little predictive, there is a sudden surprise element that pops up.

The story provides spins through different human emotions – greed, arrogance, repentance, love, respect etc and has a very important message that it is never late to correct your mistakes.

However, I feel that there is a scope of improvement on the language. There are some repetitions, grammatical mistakes, and overuse of synonyms which sometimes asks to pick up a dictionary. A better job on this part could have taken it to a different level.

This book creates a very positive impression on the reader. It sparks the kindness within. It has made me realize that I may not get Second Chance so I should correct my mistakes right now and be kind, considerate and loving to everyone around.

My Rating: 3.5/5

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