Visiting Zoo at Bannerghatta National Park

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Bannerghatta National Park


About: Bannerghatta National Park is located in the Ragihalli Forest Reserve near Bengaluru in the valley of the Champakadhama hills. As per the information available through locals and on the website of the park, a mini zoo was created in the year 1972 which gradually was grown into the present Biological Park by the year 2002.  The area of Bannerghatta Sandal Reserve between the Champakadhama hill and Mirza hill is converted into a zoo.


Reaching there: Please refer the details given in TheHeeBee’s post about visiting Butterfly Park at Bengaluru to know the directions on reaching the Safari at Bannerghatta National Park.

Ticket Fare: Please refer the fare details given in TheHeeBee’s post about Safari At Bannerghatta National Park.

As per the information available from the website, A variety of Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds of both exotic and Indian origin comprising 1941 animals belonging to 94 species are displayed in captivity. We were really surprized to see some of the animal species which we would otherwise only see on Animal Planet.

Some of the major attractions are :

  • Indian Rock Python.
  • Cobra and King Cobra.
  • Hippopotamus.
  • Iguana.
  • Crocodiles and Gharial.
  • Tiger.
  • Indian Peacock and White Peacock.
  • Indian Elephants.
  • And various different birds and animals.

The zoo also has good resting places where the visitors can take rest and by some quick snack items.

Bannerghatta National Park

Wild Cat


Bannerghatta National Parl


Bannerghatta National Park


Bannerghatta National Park


Bannerghatta National Park
Indian Rock Python


Bannerghatta National Park
King Cobra


Bannerghatta National Park


Bannerghatta National Park


Bannerghatta National Park


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