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Two things related to travel have got a drastic change in past decade’s time –

a). People perception of travel and

b). Amount of information and help available on the Internet to plan a travel.

People have started becoming comfortable towards unplanned and instant traveling. This is highly attributed to the changing times and easy access to the huge amount of information available on the Internet about the travel destinations, hotels, logistics, comparative pricing etc. While the amount of information is very helpful, this information explosion is very overwhelming and makes decison making a tough process.

While exploring my options for a family travel, I came across this site – MeTripping and it literally took me with surprise with the kind of end-to-end travel planning that they help with.

I took some time to explore it. Sharing here my experience.

About: At first I felt that I am stumbling over another travel portal. But the ease of use and the amount of help that I could get in planning my travel made me love it at first use. MeTripping is designed to take away all the ‘planning‘ part of our travel, which in fact is the most difficult part. It is difficult to first decide on the destination to suit our need, then the next difficult part is to search through the huge amount of data on the Internet for the stay of our choice, logistics is not that easy as well. MeTripping takes away all this pain from a traveler. Any traveler with just a ‘travel‘ on his/her mind can get all the help from MeTripping – including a help to identify a destination to suit the travel need.

Let’s take a travel through their portal.

  • You are greeted with a very simple User Interface and a user-friendly widget to select your travel dates etc.



  • The most interesting option on this page is “Inspire Me” to let the portal suggest destinations to you.  Press this option to get all the needed help to finalize a destination to suit your travel needs. If you already know your destination and just enter it in the next box.
  • I will take some time to surf through the “Inspire Me” planning flow which is my favorite on this portal.
  • As you select “Inspire Me”, it expands to give you some easy options to select from so that the logic engine of the portal can then find the best matching destination, travel mode, and hotel stay.


  • I want to go:

I Want To Go


  • I am looking for:

I am looking for

  • I like to stay:

I like to stay

I am highly appreciative of the mind behind this design. I can relate that I precisely look for these options when I am planning my travel.

Then you select your budget and click on “Start Tripping“. The search engine then gets busy in doing a highly exhaustive search for you:



Once the search is done, it lets you know all the destinations that it has identified along with their ranking.



As you select a destination, it provides you all the needed information, literally “ALL” the needed information in front of you.




For all the destinations, it provides all the needed information as under:

    • Travel and hotel details
    • Top attractions
    • Useful Information
    • Weather condition
    • Activities closer to the selected accomodation
    • Suggested filght and other options
    • Review score
    • Room details
    • Gallery of pics
    • Other options to change the room
    • Other hotel options at the destination
    • Sight seeing
    • Shopping
    • Attractions etc









Log onto MeTripping next time when you have ‘travel’ on your mind!


Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



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  4. The site looks very sorted and easy to choose with the so many variables option available. I think we commonly look for this option only. I like that they also give option to stay with locals as that’s best way to explore a place. Thanks for introducing this would plan my next travel through this

  5. Metripping sounds interesting. I am surely going to check it as I love travelling. We also prefer unplanned holidays. But this looks like something which can take care of everything.

  6. That is a cool website. Will check Metripping for uts easy to navigate options and also to get good deals on travel. Thank you for sharing this

  7. I love this detailed info about the app, now I know next time I plan a sudden trip then how it is getting planned 🙂 My girl gang would love this as we keep planning trips quite often and the biggest task is to find an app that helps to plan it well 🙂

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