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The 365 Days

Today’s post is about author Nikhil Ramteke’s debut book “THE 365 DAYS“. It was first published in the year 2016 by Write India Publishers and the same publishing house published its second edition in 2017. ISBN: 978-81-932988-4-8.

This book has earned compliments from many leading newspapers like – The Hindu, Business Standard, Deccan Chronicle, The Sunday Guardian, The Statesman and The Indian Express to mention few.

About the Book The 365 Days: 

As the saying goes “The Grass is green on the other side“, this book shows the ‘other‘ side of this ‘green‘ side! The book is a fiction work about the true struggles of Indians, who gets amazed by certain Rags To Riches stories and make their way to foreign countries with hopes of making a fortune. Fascinated by the bright side, they put to bet all their assets and leave their families behind as they seek their destiny in foreign countries. For many, this endeavor turns out to be challenging, painful, life-threatening and suicidal. And by the time they realize it, it is usually too late.

About the story:

The book is in the form of narration by its main character – Shijukutty who is a poor Malayali fisherman from a village of Kerala. He gets fascinated by a fellow villager who left to Dubai to make money and build a good home back in his village. Shijukutty mortgages his only asset – his home and gets his passport and visa arranged by an agent. With lots hope to search his destiny, Shijukutty leaves his family behind and lands at the golden city of Dubai.

What unfolds afterward is the true account of what these small town people face in their quest to search for a destiny on a foreign land.

The whole story is kept very simple and written in a very easy language. Every chapter unfolds a new reality and that is the most sticky aspect of the book. It is a book that you would want to finish without getting distracted.

The 365 Days

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19 thoughts on “Book Review – The 365 Days By Nikhil Ramteke

  1. This book seems to strike a chord.We all dream of a better life .The best way to do that is to live bettter with what you have and try more in own country.Great review.

    1. You are correct Amrita. Many times we get carried away looking at others’ green side of life. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. The book sounds really interesting. Visited your blog for the first time. Nicely explained review.
    Would love it if you add in more details on how you found the narration, where the book is actually set in… I am assuming it will have a major chunk happening in some foreign country…, how the characters were like etc.
    Just a suggestion 😀

  3. I am intrigued to read more. This seems like an interesting pick for the weekend. I will buy it next time I visit a bookstore 🙂

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