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Dirty Martini

Today’s post is about author Kavipriya Moorthy’s debut book “The Dirty Martini“. It is printed in 2016 by Story Mirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 978-93-86305-01-5.

About The Book Dirty Martini:

The book depicts certain bitter truths of the society’s judgemental and opinionated notion by a fiction story. In our society, we judge a person by his/her looks, choices, clothing habits, friends and much more. We make opinions about a person by his/her likes-dislikes and certain decisions that they have made in their lives The book shows the mirror to the society!

The book also is a ray of hope that talks about the true liberation of women in India. It calls out a loud that a woman is free to make her choices, that she can decide what to wear, what to ride, what to drink and also about her sexual preferences.

The book is an encouragement to the female authors to deep dive into the otherwise male-dominated area of ‘erotic’ impressions. I am all cheers for the author to come up with the bold concept and bold narrations of some very personal moments of the main character of the story.

About The Story:

The story has two parallel threads going together, interweaved strongly and creating an excellent present to flashback to present to flashback rides of the life of the main character – Preethi.

One thread is about Preethi’s past where she marries a handsome guy who is settled abroad. With lots of dreams, she starts her married life only to realize that she was cheated by the man of her dreams. She lives a life of a  captive in a foreign land with lots of abuse and depression. She is on the verge of disorientation and breakdown when she gathers courage and runs out of misery, and flies back to her parents in India.

The other thread is about Preethi’s present where she is a completely changed. She doesn’t care about the society and makes her own decisions and choices. She drives a motorbike, stays away from her parents, freely visits pubs and indulges in sexual relations at her will. A handsome guy walks in her life and the love rekindles but some surprises erupt about Preethi’s past and that brings some turns to her life.

Both the threads go very beautifully along and cusp at the end… the whole interweaving takes us through Preethi’s life and how did she become what she is currently.

Dirty Martini

I loved the overall concept and how the book slaps the society about their judgemental and opinionated notions by showing them that women have the rights and guts to prevent herself from being ruled. A social fiction with such a deep touch of erotica gives a beautiful flow to the story. I also loved the use of simple language and a good flow of the narration.

However, I feel that the end could have been better. As a reader, I would like the books to have a definitive end. Proofreading could have been better to avoid spelling mistakes. A Very close similarity in the names of the man in Preethi’s past and present creates confusions at times.

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Hiral Amodia


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26 thoughts on “Book Review – Dirty Martini by Kavipriya Moorthy

  1. Wow such a nice review. Love the theme of the book which talks abt the duality of the society un which a man and woman are perceived differently. Usinf Preethis past and present to represent that makes it an awesome read.

  2. The plot gives a glimpse how women are judged in our society. And love that book give outlook in balance way. You review is profound gives clear idea about book. Worth reading

  3. Loved your reply. Glad that more authors are coming out of the comfort zone and write about the reforms needed in society.

  4. First of all I liked the cover. It gives a very energzed feeling. I liked that way you have written the review. I will pick up the book as my next read.

  5. I love stories where the past and present is shown together and how they are interlinked!!! I really liked your review and the book cover is intriguing!!!

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