How much do we protect our minds


Protect Our Minds

Our mind is a forever functioning factory. We protect our selves by thinking ability and through instincts that pop up in our mind. Our Mind has an active role in protecting us. But how much do we protect our minds?

Below is a beautiful post on this thought-provoking topic by Mr. Isaac George.

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



I am in India at work and it always amazes me how creative people are.

Please see the photo – of a string, bottle and lighter!

I stopped at a shop for a cup of coffee – no Starbucks but I missed that kind of coffee – strong and terribly sweet – nostalgia mostly from my student days! : – )

Now unlike the West, these places attract hoards of smokers because they also sell cigarettes as single cigarettes which means the smokers need a light and therefore the requirement of a lighter. To prevent stealing and to store away the lighter at night they unscrew the cap and keep the bottle which is attached to the lighter.

Now to be fair, we too take precautions about protecting our possessions and things precious to us. But how much do we pay attention to the most precious of our possessions- our minds?

Think about our days for a moment. The majority of us likely will have done the following thru the day – listened to or watched the news, checked our social media, spent time drowning ourselves at work, then watch our news/ favorite serials/Netflix, enjoy a bit of gossip, etc.

How much time have we spent thinking v/s absorbing? And absorbing is what our mind does very well – especially images.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things is what the Apostle Paul says in the Book of Philippians 4:8

Contrast that with the media (including our conversations) we interact with, we hear and the stuff that we see. Is it noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, praiseworthy, excellent?

Think about how it has influenced our thinking, our attitudes, our values? Think about how much we are willing to compromise or ignore because of serials we watch!

Here is one example – Take any TV serial and you will come across promiscuity in relationships. Think about our attitude to promiscuity. Has it changed?

How much of influence do we allow into our minds without a filter?

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to unscrew the cap and take a bit of time to think about what enters our minds – take a bit of time off, keep the bottle away and think and protect our minds?

Signing Off

Isaac George

Protect Our Mind











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13 thoughts on “How much do we protect our minds

  1. This is a food for thought. Well written blog. Protect our minds is a term I have heard for the first time and after reading this post it does make sense.

  2. I do get Influence by incidences in my life. But filter yes we all apply filters. Yes we all adjust things according in our comfort zone. The concept of signing off is thought provoking

  3. A great thought indeed, i have hardly spent time in thinking what is my mind absorbing or let my mind also have such thoughts, today in this fast-paced world we are just moving in herds seeing what others are doing and doing just that!!!

  4. Quite an innovative approach by the tea shop person. I guess people would love the opportunity think out of the box, the only problem is that the mind is kept sufficiently closed & occupied with other things. Articles like these can help re access.

  5. The photo with the bottle attached with a rope and a. Lighter is indeed very creative. It is a great example used by Isaac to explain absorption of information to just going through the motions. Lovely read.

  6. What I have seen is that our mind is flexible and absorbs everything.It needs controlled exposure and protection.Too toxic environments have a bad effect.Loved this post

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