Book Review – The Blind Trial by Sulaiman Sait


The Blind Trial

Today’s post is about author Sulaiman Sait’s debut book “The Blind Trial“. It is printed in 2016 by Story Mirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN: 978-93-86305-03-9.

About the book The Blind Trial:

Through The Blind Trial, the author brings to daylight the otherwise not so popular subject of “Medical Trials“. Medical trials are important processes in the invention of new drugs and are carried out across the globe generally by teams comprising of researchers in the field of medicine, doctors, and drug manufacturing companies. Just as all things in the world have two sides, so does the medical trials. Many times human beings are subject to these high-risk medical trials where the results can be fatal for the person involved and devastating for their families. The book touches upon the dark side of Medical Trials – “The Blind Trials” that are practiced unethically for the personal benefit of few people or drug companies.

Though the plot of the book is on a very serious topic, the book depicts the beauty of Ooty and that keeps it light at times. A carefully woven love story goes very swiftly in parallel to the serious topic of The Blind Trials.

The book has very good mentions about certain medical facts which are very interesting to know even for common people.

About the Story:

The story starts on a very pleasant note and brings to life memories of everyone who has ever visited Ooty. It revolves around its main character – Dr. Nitin from Mumbai who joins a Medical College and Research Institute at Ooty for an advanced course in the field of medicine. Dr. Nitin comes across a series of cardiac deaths happening on patients even after administering the right medical protocol to those patients. He attempts to look at what is going wrong and that is when he realizes that there are deliberate attempts made to keep him away from this. Amidst all this, Dr. Nitin finds the biggest strength and support of his life in Dr. Neha. They both start loving each other and Dr. Neha comes out as a strong supporter of Dr. Nitin.

Dr. Nitin takes personal risks to dive up to the root of the problem and finds himself and his dear ones at the center of the whirlpool of strong forces that were behind the suspicious deaths.

The story starts on a very pleasant note and proceeds at a steady pace till Dr. Nitin and Dr. Neha fall in love with each other. The best part of the story starts around half the way where it takes surprising turns and suddenly you will feel the adrenaline flow with the series of surprises that unfurls. Starting from this point, the story won’t disappoint you till the end as it has lots of interesting turns and surprises along. I very much loved the story from here till the end and finished it in one attempt.

The Blind Trial

Some improvements could have been in terms of the grammatical mistakes which could have been handled by a better proofreading. Bollywood type of filmy scenes spoils the fun at few places.

A big appreciation for the author who has very nicely brought the twists, turns, and surprises. A commendable job for someone’s first book.

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Hiral Amodia


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14 thoughts on “Book Review – The Blind Trial by Sulaiman Sait

  1. It definitely sounds like a book which explores the untapped about things. I feel I need to read this one, it will definitely help me be more knowledgable I feel.

  2. After reading your reviews over the last one year, i know that you have become a pro when it comes to book review. this one is no exception. Awesome Review and a fantastic take on this book which is very neatly covered in this post. Loved reading every single word. Thanks for this honest review. Please continue the good work.

  3. Wow ooty seems like a different backdrop for a take of medical trials. Since my sister is working as pharmacy researcher within new medicines she would love to read thus book. Loved your honest review. Grammatical errors are just not done.

  4. The plot seems interesting and trill with so many scenarios. Love and crime weaving parallel which definitely increase curiosity for readers. I love to read medical stories. Looks worth reading.

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  6. This book is a combination of many things. I liked the fact that it has covered the reality of medical field with a love story. Will try to grab a copy and read it.

  7. well, i love bollywood kind of scenes and drama so i guess i am gonna totally enjoy this book, thanks for sharing the review!!! And also because its a real story based on medical background and all makes it more interesting!!!

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