Godrej Eve – Home CCTV Camera – Review


Godrej Eve


We have reached an era where safety and monitoring of our premises are of prime importance to prevent any unfortunate incident. We saw the rise of CCTV cameras in past two decades. Now with further modernization and changes in lifestyle, monitoring of the interiors is also becoming a necessity.

The market is flooded with various different kind of CCTV cameras from different brands. Starting from a not so expensive basic CCTV camera till the most modern one are available to suffice the need.

Continuing with its trend of introducing Indian innovations created for the global markets, Godrej Security Solutions (GSS), India’s leading security solutions provider, today launched a range of products based on the SmartLife concept in the IT hub. The security solutions provider also announced that their innovations in 2018 will focus on the security of children and senior citizens


The company announced the launch of Wi-Fi enabled home cameras – EVE Series and video door phone SEE THRU PRO. The Indian innovation EVE, which is a contraction of the product line’s USP ‘Easy Viewing Everywhere’, will be available in the markets with three variants:  EVE Mini, EVE Cube, and EVE PT.  The series is capable of directly streaming the live feed of a premise to the smartphones of the homeowners and helps one to watch over their loved ones remotely from anywhere in the world.

It was a privilege when we got an opportunity to review one of the latest innovative EVE series CCVT camera by Godrej.


Specifications and Features:

It comes in a very handy “window” packing from which the camera can be easily seen. The camera when pulled out is very sleek and classy. Nice glossy white and black colors and perfectly curved surfaces make it nothing less than a showpiece in itself.

Godrej EVE

Godrej EVE comes with a two-pin power connector. There is an inbuilt WiFi connector with which it connects to WiFi Access Points.

  • Connecting and on-boarding.

Once connected to the power, it just takes few minutes for it to be ready to be on-boarded. The onboarding process is through Godrej EVE mobile app which can be downloaded from Playstore.

The app has very easy steps through with it guides the user to onboard the device. All the steps are easy and self-explanatory.

The mobile app is very easy to use and provides access to all the features of Godrej EVE CCTV camera through an interactive and sleek interface.

Godrej EVE




Critical Features of Godrej EVE that we loved:

:= 0 to 355 degree Pan & -10 to 90 degree Tilt control to chose the desired view using the app.

Godrej EVE


:= IR LEDs for clear images in dark environment (up to 10 m)

Godrej EVE


:= As it works on WiFi no extra cabling required except the power connection. Hence it can be placed in any corner of the house easily.

:= Supports up to 128 GB SD card for on-camera recording.

:= Built-in Mic & Speaker for high quality two-way audio communication.

Two-way communication


:= Motion detector and motion detection alerts.

Godrej EVE

:= 1 MP, 720p HD video to view each detail clearly.

:= Support to integrate multiple CCTV cameras in single app.

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia




9 thoughts on “Godrej Eve – Home CCTV Camera – Review

  1. This sure does look an interesting product. If the price is good then I would definitely not mind taking one for my home. Atleast to keep track of my kids activities while they are in different rooms 🙂

  2. I like how there is no cabling needed and that it works. On WiFi and links to an app. You can acesss it anytime on the go and check if all. Is well at home front. Great concept by Godrej

  3. This camera is of utmost importance today. The app looks really easy and gives access to all the features which is great. Connectivity through WiFi is cool as it prevents the mess of cables.

  4. This seems to be a very useful gadget. Safety has become an issue these days and we need to take maxmum effort to maintain it. How good is the night vision/capture? Does it need atleast some little light?

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