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Raghavendra Tiffin

I visited Raghavendra Tiffin recently during lunch hours on the recommendation of a friend. He had visited this place few times and was recommending it with high regard. I need to say that I am happy that I visited here. I have become a fan of it.

Location, Ambiance, and the Setup:

Raghavendra Tiffin is an example of a modern setup of a typical traditional Karnataka based Pure-Veg food joint. It is a much cleaner and hygienic version of darshinis. In terms of taste and quality of food, your experience of dining at Raghavendra Tiffin can be compared to a traditional Kannadiga home.

The setup is simple and operates only on ground floor. It is more like a parking/garage of an independent house converted to an eatery. A narrow entrance takes to a bigger premise that is divided into a dining area and kitchen/serving area. Cash counter is in one small corner. There are few table and chairs to sit and few tall tables to eat while standing. This is a self-service outlet.

Need to mention that the whole premise is kept very clean and hygienic. As soon as you enter, you like to be there.

Cooking is done using RO water and branded Refined Cooking Oil. Food is served in disposable plates.

Raghavendra Tiffin


Raghavendra Tiffin


Raghavendra Tiffin


Raghavendra Tiffin


Raghavendra Tiffin


Raghavendra Tiffin has a very simple and limited menu comprising of few snack items, dosa varieties, rice varieties and hot beverages.

Their specialty is the dishes made using Organic Millets. They have a wide variety of delicacies made using Organic Millets – Dosa, Bisibelebath, Upma, Kesaribath, and Pongal. These dishes are people’s popular choice at Raghavendra Tiffin.

  • Millet Bisibelebhat: One of the best Bisibelebhat that I have tasted. It had the perfect Kannadiga taste and goodness of MIllets.
  • Combo Rice (Lemon Rice + Millet Bisibelebhat): Lemon Rice had very balanced flavors. I skipped coconut chutney as I did a combo with Bisibelebhat.
  • Masala Vada: Best munching on the variety of rice.

Raghavendra Tiffin

  • Curd Rice: Perfect for the afternoon heat.

Raghavendra Tiffin

  • Idli Sambar: Loved the Idli + Sambar + Chutney dip. Reminded me of some traditional old Bengaluru eateries.

Raghavendra Tiffin

Service: This is a self-service joint. During rush hours there can be some waiting at cash counter and food serving counters as well as in availability of seating space.


Cost: The cost is unbelievable low. At first, I could not believe that there can still be such good eateries giving food at so low rates.


Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



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14 thoughts on “Food Review – Raghavendra Tiffin, HSR – Bengaluru

  1. Your detailed reviews always help any consumer /foodie who is looking out for an honest opinion about that place. Plesse do keep reviewing and writing.


    1. Thank you for taking out time and going through this. Thank you for your kind words. Seniors like you help us to be motivated and keep going.

  2. I have heard about this place as a vegetarian’s haven. Plus it is fampus for its economical pricing. Food looks yummy and fresh. Great review from you. On my wishlist when I come visiting down south!

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