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Baba Da Dhaba

I had got to know about Baba Da Dhaba from a friend who had once tried their food. I was very curious about the name and was exploring more about them.  The name had set an expectation that I should get to eat authentic North Indian Dhaba (Roadside shack) style food. I need to say that they stood up to the expectations.

I had ordered food delivery from Baba Da Dhaba. This review is about the delivery, packaging, and food.

Delivery and Packaging:

The delivery happened on time at my Madiwala office. Though it was a weekday and busy hours, the delivery happened on time and I had not to get engaged in guiding the delivery person with the address. When the food arrived, it was hot and fresh as I had expected.

Starters were packed in individual sealed section plates. I loved this kind of packing. It was so firmly packed that the chutney/ketchup did not spill out of their individual sections. Curry, Daal, and Kheer were packed in the transparent containers and sealed with cello tapes. Again, no spillover from these as well. Roti and Naan were packed separately into plastic covers closed with rubber bands. I loved that no staples were used in any packing.


I had ordered two starters – Assorted Veg Tikkis and Malai Chicken Kebab. We got three different types of Tikkis along with green chutney and tomato ketchup. It was fun to eat the variety of Tikkis than just having one type. I appreciate the innovative thinking by the management to give the variety of Tikki in one dish. In non-veg started I got five pieces of tender well marinated Malai Chicken Kebab along with the lovely tangy green chutney and tomato ketchup. Loved the tenderness and flavors.

My main course comprised of Paneer Lababdar along with Tandoori Roti and Naan. Paneer pieces were very tender and the gravy was delicious. It has all the needed mix of spices along with the distinct butter/cream flavor. As you can see in the pics, Roti and Naan were perfectly cooked and have very healthy looks as well.

I packed up with their delicious Daal Makhni along with home cooked steamed rice. I would say that Daal Makhni was one of the best that I have tasted. I love the North Indian food that has the rustic flavors, distinct touch of butter/cream and comes very hygienic. Paneer Lababdar and Daal Makhni stole the show.

For dessert, I wanted to go for something traditional, so I ordered Kheer. Again one of my favorites. I loved that it was of perfect consistency and with perfect sweetness. Perfectly matched the lovely flavors of the prior courses.

All the food items are moderately priced and reasonable on the pocket.

Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba


Baba Da Dhaba

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia



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  1. The packaging does look good. Not many other providers have such good packaging. Going by your review and photos, I’d surely try it whenever I’m there. Thanks for sharing.

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