Subway Bannerghatta Road – Food Review


Subway Bannerghatta

Subway subs are always a fun to have. As I changed my house, I daily used to pass by this Subway outlet and hence the temptation kept on growing for having a sub at this outlet.

Location and Ambiance:

This outlet is located on the busy Bannerghatta road,  right in front to the World famous Indian Institute of Management (IIM) and hence we can find a lot of young folks having food along with chit-chatting.

The recent Metro work at Bannerghatta Road, however, makes it very difficult to access the outlet. Parking is a big difficulty and hence this outlet is good if you drop by without your own vehicle.

From inside, it is like any other subway outlet with a counter each for Veg and Non-Veg subs and few table and chairs.

Food: Menu is again standard subway menu. My favorite is ‘sub of the day’. I prefer only ‘sub of the day’ as remaining subs I find overly priced.

Service: This is a self-service outlet. Staff is courteous and helpful in making your sub.

Value for money: ‘Sub of the day’ is really a great value for money. I feel that the remaining offerings are overpriced.

Subway Bannerghatta


subway bannerghatta


subway bannerghatta


subway bannerghatta


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Hiral Amodia


11 thoughts on “Subway Bannerghatta Road – Food Review

  1. That’s an honest review ! I was not aware that they have a ”Sub of the Day ” that can help save money although I generally stick to my favourite sub and do not experiment .

  2. First thing I loved about this post …Bannerghatta Road …wow brought so many memories back and now when it comes with subway must be more happening and I wish I could revisit this place to relish more of this joint!!

  3. I love Subs! I love their idea of customizing the sub as per the customers need. It is a lovely way to showcase customer centric approach but yeah I agree no parking and bad access are always a downer

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