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Wheels of wish

Today’s post is about author Bibhu Datta Rout’s debut book “Wheels of Wish“. Its first edition has been printed in 2016 by Story Mirror. ISBN: 978-93-5196-748-4.

About the Book:

This is the debut book by the author and we can feel that he has done his work with a lot of love and affection. This is a mythological fiction that takes you through three different stages in the time machine. A very well thought connection is made with a mythological incident that happens in the Dwapar Yug to a crime that happens in 2008 AD. This is my first read where an Indian author has written about bloodline.

Wheels of Wish has very beautiful an interesting mention about the rulers, culture and rich heritage of Odisha. The in-depth information about The Sun Temple, The Sun Dial etc is a treasure to read.


About the Story:

Three parallel threads are woven together to form the story. It keeps on taking the readers between 2008 AD, 1120 AD, and 1976 AD. In the end, it all connects together with a trace back to Dwapar Yug.

The story is about a highly successful investment banker who in 2008 AD gets tangled into a rape accusation of his own childhood girlfriend. The mystery leads to 1976 AD and then all the way to 1120 AD through interesting paths of history and rich culture of Odisha. The climax is very striking and is a very interesting read as the author draws a bloodline all the way from Dwapar Yug to 2008 AD.

Wheels of wish

Wheels of Wish is a very good first attempt by a debutant author. It has been written with a lot of love and passion. It contains very interesting details about The Sun Temple, The Sun Dial and various aspects related to the history of Odisha. The element of surprise in the climax chapter, that connects all the three threads was a very good way to end the book.

Wheels of Wish though has a very different and interesting plot, few things did not go well to me. Some usage of words, situations, and descriptions could have been avoided. Spellings and grammatical mistakes really pull down the reading fun. Over exaggeration of the techno lavish lifestyle of the Banker could not create much impact and sounded out of place. The story sounds like a Bollywood drama at times and becomes predictable. Erotica is completely out of the place and sounds as if added forcefully when it was not at all needed. By doing so much mix of mythology, technology, fiction, erotica etc, the author has really made it difficult to know what is the main theme of the book. There are so many characters in the book that at times it becomes difficult to remember who is who, especially when the book jumps to three different times. I could not connect the story to its title also.

Started: 05-Jul-2018

Completed: 19-Aug-2018


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