Faasos Banashankari – Food Review


Faasos Banashankari

As one can know by now, I am a big fan of food from Faasos outlets. I keep on trying out their different offerings. Recently I tried their latest offering – Navratri Special Menu during Navratri days. This is a slightly delayed post due to my busy schedule.

Delivery and Packaging:

I believe the delivery of food is the very first impression. Depending on the mood and criticality, early or late delivery can make or break the first impression. Faasos Banashankari did not let down. Delivery happened on time and food reached fresh and hot to me.

All food dishes were packed carefully in their respective containers. The combo was nicely packed in a spill-proof section plate. I loved that the food did not get mixed up during delivery.

What TheHeeBee had:

1). Paneer Makhanwal Royal Navratra Meal
2). Sabudana Khichdi Royal Satvik Meal
3). Singhada Aloo Paratha and Hare Tamatar Royal Satvik

I would say that this is so far among the best Navratri/Vrat Food that I have had from a commercial food outlet. The food gave me a very homely feeling in terms of taste and thoughts.

All the dishes were very balanced on taste and spice levels. It really felt that the menu was designed and the food was cooked by someone who really does Navratri Vrat. No guilt feeling after filling up on this delicious Navratri Vrat dishes from Faasos Banashankari.

Paneer Makhanwala had a very different taste than what you get otherwise and I could make out that it was most likely cooked without Onion and Garlic. I loved this twist in the otherwise monotonous Paneer Makhanwala. Hare Tamatar Sabji was a 100% hit. It had a very delicious home cooked taste and feeling. It was spicy but also loved the sweetness of Jaggery in the gravy. Hare Tamatar Sabji from Faasos Banashankari is definitely a #mustTry dish.

Singhada Aloo Paratha was another pleasant twist. I have had Singhada Roti/Bhakri when I was a kid. My Grandmother used to cook it for us during Navratri. But the Aloo paratha using the unconventional Singhada flour was a delicious twist.

Sabudana Khichdi reminded me of my days at Pune. A perfect mix of taste and texture.

Sabudana Kheer was another hit among the kids.

All the food items are moderately priced and reasonable on the pocket.

Faasos Banashankari


Faasos Banashankari


Faasos Banashankari


Faasos Banashankari


Faasos Banashankari

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia


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