Ovenstory Pizza Marathahalli – Food Review


Ovenstory Pizza Marathahalli

This is my first experience with Ovenstory Pizza Marathahalli and I need to say that it was one of the very good experiences in terms of delivery, taste, quality, and value for money.

Delivery and Packaging:

Delivery happened on time and the food was still hot when delivered. This created the pleasant first impression. The food was packed neatly in cardboard boxes with very vibrant colors. Loved the packaging.

What TheHeeBee had:

1). Picante Paneer Pizza
2). Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza
3). Corn N Olive Mac N Cheese
4). Chicken Sausage Mac N Cheese

The experience was equally good for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Corn N Olive Mac N Cheese was a great starter for vegetarians. The base was soft yet crispy at the edges. Corn was fresh and Olives were soft and juicy. The cheese was in perfect proportion. It tasted very well with sprinkled herbs. Picanta Paneer Pizza was very different than normal Paneer Pizza. It had Paneer chunks along with vegetables. A well-baked layer of cheese and soft base gave a great eating experience.

Non-Vegetarians loved to start with Chicken Sausage Mac N Cheese. Chunks of Chicken Sausage were soft and juicy. Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza stole the show. It has the lovely tender chunks of chicken along with the tango of minced chicken. Loved the way in which all these things blended with cheese and burst out flavors.

The best part of Ovenstory Pizza Marathalli is that the Pizza was full of toppings and cheese till the edge. The complete upper part of the base was covered. This enhanced the pizza eating experience and also reduced food waste. Full marks for being thoughtful on this parameter.

Ovenstory Pizza Marathahalli


Ovenstory Pizza Marathahalli


Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza


Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza


Chicken Tikka and Kheema Pizza

Signing Off

Hiral Amodia


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